Friday’s Featured Favorites 7.20.12

1. Recommended to Charlotte by her good friend – a DJ himself and music-making-mastermind comprising half the band To Hide Our Numbers – this read was first on her list for the summer. With all the information about all different genres of music, as well as detailed chronicles of the scenes in London and Paris, it turned out to be a great summer read!

2. Visit Spotify to listen to the entire album for free – it is a perfect summer soundtrack for any occasion, but especially lazy afternoons driving around with the windows down.

3. What have we been up to this week? Here is a clue to help you get to know us, the dynamic of our relationship, and our sense of humor.

4. We are finding this quote inspiring this week as we begin our journey in establishing our blog. Stay tuned and forgive us as we post sporadically while figuring out the details and ironing out kinks of how to “merchandise” and design it.

5. Oh, how we love #Twitticisms! Follow us – @LeCoeur_DeLaVie.

6. One of the reasons we get along so well is our mutual hatred of things such as (but not limited to): crocs, poodles, raccoons, pink velour sweatsuits tucked into Ugg boots, and cauliflower soup…which is a story for a different time!


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