Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge

At the bottom of Seattle’s Queen Anne hill sits a corner building outfitted in a somewhat indecent shade of green stucco. While you can’t miss the building itself, it is not immediately obvious what it is home to, as it is unmarked except for a slightly hard to read sign posted on the top. However, the local population is in the know that this is one of the city’s most highly sought after dining destinations: Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge. A step inside the restaurant clearly communicates that this is one of those instances where it is not conducive to judge a book by its cover. The natural lighting creates a warm and open dining atmosphere, while thousands of mosaic and glass tiles hand applied to the walls and booths are impressive decor. The menu boasts an intriguing variety of French Quarter and New Orleans inspired cuisine. All in all, it does not take long to see why Toulouse Petit has been ranked one of the Top 10 Happy Hour Destinations by CNBC.

Monday, July 23rd marked Charlotte’s 22nd birthday, which provided the perfect opportunity to check out what the buzz was about. Birthdays are one of the rare occasions where drinking at 9 AM on a Monday morning can be an acceptable way to begin the week, and Toulouse’s menu of breakfast cocktails had the perfect selection to make this happen. In fact, the drink menu begins with the phrase, “Daytime drinking has never been so dignified, fun, and guilt free…” I selected The Madame Toulouse, delectable combination of grapefruit vodka, sparkling wine, peach puree, and honey (it was discovered by round two that these cocktails pack quite a punch). My lovely breakfast date Jenica and I split the Creme Caramel French Toast with fresh strawberries, scrambled eggs, and bacon which turned out to be an excellent choice. The belle de brillet pear caramel that the French toast was bathed in instead of syrup would have been too sweet for one person to handle alone! But between the excellent meal, courteous and prompt waitstaff, and the overall dining environment, it was the absolute perfect way to begin a birthday. If you are local to Seattle or happen to be visiting the area, Le Coeur De La Vie definitely recommends a breakfast excursion to Toulouse Petit.

Photo Credits: Jenica Baldwin and Toulouse Petit


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