Wednesday Wisdom 7.25.12

Welcome to Wednesday Wisdom. Midweek can be rough. So, for your hump day help, here are our recommended DOs and DON’Ts for fashion, and life in general, based on personal observational experience!

√ DO utilize the current trend of bold color blocking with this season’s bright neon hues. It is a fun way to step out for summer. X DO NOT think it is acceptable to employ this styling in footwear by wearing one neon yellow and one hot pink croc simultaneously, especially if you are an ER doctor treating people for anxiety. As soon as the patient sees only the approaching faux pas, they are likely to have another wave of panic at this fashion emergency situation. NO to the croc doc!

√ DO spend your lunch break subtly following around Men’s Warehouse employees who are walking the streets clad in solely ties, boxer briefs, and business shoes and socks for a special promotion. X DO NOT try to impersonate them if you are an overweight middle aged man in the middle of the median on a major roadway wearing only a Speedo and tall tall socks. Lunatic on the loose!

√ DO have your first official blog meeting at the beach with melon liqueur spiked lemonade. Together, Char’s Bars and Morgan’s Mixes get the creative juices flowing [literally and figuratively] and ensure that the laughs are never-ending! X DO NOT wear sneakers to the beach unless you are prepared to be made fun of by a brutal seven year old child. Child abuse!

 What are some of your fashion and life DOs and DON’Ts? Leave us a comment below; we’d love to hear!


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