Wednesday Wisdom 8.1.12

Here’s our Wednesday Wisdom for the week… a few observations about life, fashion, & the world around us that hopefully will bring you a little joy and help you make it through the middle of the week!

✓DO watch the Olympics all the time and let it distract you from all other things you should be doing. Heck, the Olympics only swamp the TV every few years, so don’t feel guilty for taking a good amount of time every evening to cheer your country on for the gold (or to form a crush on 18 year old Tom Daley even though he’s not from your country). X DO NOT paint your car in American flag stripes and drive around like a big shot. Showing your patriotism in your own country through your exterior car paint is not impressive.

✓DO wear black & white combinations with red… they really can work, but they can be tricky. Charlotte shared on Monday in The Polka Dot Pant post a beautiful way to combine black, white, and red without looking like a clown. Done tastefully, it’s a beautiful and classic combination. X DO NOT go overboard on the RED portion of the combination in your attire as a wedding guest – bright red earrings, lipstick, necklace, belt, bracelets, and shoes with a very bold black & white dress is far too much.

X DO NOT wait until a month before a holiday weekend and think you’re going to get a great deal on plane tickets, hence having to buy a one way ticket that does not mean staying in Seattle, but rather means signing up to do the 18 hour drive from Seattle to Los Angeles for the SIXTH time in your life. ✓DO go back to Seattle for a friend’s wedding & to be reunited with a city and people you love!


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