Wednesday Wisdom 8.8.12

Are you feeling the Wednesday woes? Unmotivated on this hump day, and not sure how to combat the rest of the week? Lucky for you we have some tips on what to do and avoid for not only the rest of the week, but quite honestly your entire life. Take it from us and our direct personal experience here…

X DO NOT change your name to Snoop Lion. X DO NOT approach strangers from behind who are boarding the bus and growl lion-style into their ear. X DO NOT wear a faux lion head as a motorcycle helmet. X DO NOT grow sideburns and a beard that resemble Mufasa’s hairstyle. The two lattermost of these four are particularly bad ideas in the current context of a Seattle heat wave of near 90 degree temperatures. Attempting to impersonate lions in this climate (though reminiscent of their natural habitat in the safari) will just turn you into a sweat bucket. Moral of the story: √ DO avoid anything related to lions when it comes to all things related to your actions, dress and appearance.

√ DO organize and purge your closet. Here’s a hot tip: each time you wear something, when you go to hang it back up in your closet, flip the hanger so that it hooks on the bar the opposite way. Then, pick an outfit each day from items that have not yet been flipped. This a great way to know what you have worn and what you have not, and as you get down to the last items that have not been flipped, you may find you have no desire to wear them and want to get rid of them! X DO NOT own a wardrobe that is 95% suited for temperatures under 45 degrees if you are moving to Southern California. Also, X DO NOT try on this cold weather wardrobe to decide what to get rid of when, again, it is a Seattle heatwave of near 90 degree temperatures. It may lead to a complete destruction of the entire wardrobe, and a quest to rebuild it in the air-conditioned shopping destinations of downtown. Oops!

√ DO embrace the novelty of the “Casual Friday” phenomenon. Why not? If you have spent 80% of your week dressing to impress, you for sure deserve to take a break for a day. It is a great TGIF moment; a reminder the the weekend is just around the corner. X DO NOT try to balance out the extreme casual of sweat shorts and a t-shirt by classing it up with accessories such as pearl necklaces and cowboy boosts. ESPECIALLY if you are a man. Who do you think you are, the “Lazy Luxe Cowboy?” No. This schizophrenic styling is just not cute.

Have you seen any scary X DO NOT moments out and about that we need to know of? What √DO examples have inspired you lately? Leave us a comment below!


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