Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.10.12

1. Oh Oprah, sometimes you just know what’s up. Life’s too short to not surround yourself with people who will encourage you, build you up, push you toward your dreams, and lift you higher.

2. If I could have lunch with anyone in the fashion industry right now, it would hands down have to be Tim Gunn. He always has things to say that make me grin and he wins most fashionable award for an older gentleman. And, like in the above tweet, I love how he can so eloquently say someone’s attire looks bad.

3. Pajamas by 7 = story of our lives. Not only do we always want to be in yoga pants by 7 pm every night we’re home, but I’m pretty positive Char hated the fact that in college I would go to class in sweats ALL THE TIME. I want to hug the person that invented the yoga pant.

4. One location, one photo an hour, all combined together to create one beautiful keepsake… I absolutely fell in love with this image. You can check out the actual image here.

5. This quote was overheard in the dressing room of Nordstrom Rack… and needless to say it gave me a horrible visual. I’ve only ever heard of a ‘camel toe’ but something about the fact that it was said as a plural ‘camel toes’ made me cringe.

6. Cable-knit home decor?!?!?! I just fell in love. Imagine snuggling up in a giant sweater for bed – I love the concept! Check out more cable-knit decor and accessories here.

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Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please do!


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