Mustard Mania

I, Charlotte, have had a long history with the color “MUSTARD.” Back in my early preteen days, when I was opposed to all forms of yellow, I decided that colors named after condiments should not happen, and that mustard was a positively grandpa hue of yellow. However, at a friend’s birthday party, we took the old-school version of the “Color Me Beautiful” quiz. When I found out I was an “Autumn” and that mustard was one of my top colors I should be wearing, I decided to give it a second chance.

Perhaps in the decade since my mustard distaste, my old-age has caused me to mature into a place where grandpa colors are a good match for me, because recently, mustard has been appearing all over the fashion scene and I somehow find myself absolutely loving it. Whether more of a true yellow or closer on the spectrum to gold, a variety of interpretations of mustard were seen on the Fall 2012 ready-to-wear shows, as evident in the highlights below.

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A few of our favorite ways to wear mustard are with the colors burgundy, grey, and blue. Burgundy is another one of the fall season’s fashionable pop colors, and together nothing feels more autumn. Grey might be an unexpected combination with mustard, but we like that it is less harsh than black but much more appropriate than khaki if you are looking for a neutral staple to pair with your fashion pop color of mustard. Mustard yellow and blue can also be a great combination when done right. If you are looking for some tips and inspiration on this particular color combination, check out this post on a favorite blog of ours – Lauren at Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up has some great tips not only for a navy and yellow color combo in fashion, but in home decor inspiration as well.

So, how does mustard translate from runway to the racks? I have been on a retail quest for some perfect mustard pieces to incorporate into my fall wardrobe. Here are some of Le Coeur De La Vie’s favorite pieces across the board. Whether you want to go bold in mustard from head to toe, or are looking to play it safe by incorporating this color in a small accessory, there is something for everyone to love in this shade.

1. Work With Me Dress in Mustard by Modcloth – $50   2. Metallic Paisley Jacquard Skirt by Marc Jacbos – $1,008   3. Dot Ribbed Cotton-Jersey Tank by Elizabeth and James – $138   4. Eve Wood Bracelet by Pieces – $25   5. Crinkled Leatherette Cutout Wedge by Charlotte Russe – $36   6. Vanity Satchel in Mustard by Urban Expressions – $95

What are your thoughts on the color mustard? Leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!


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