The Lace Up Boot

Charlotte and I both fawn over wearing boots. Living in Seattle we were both able to wear boots on nearly a daily basis approximately seventy five percent of the year. After having moved to California a year ago I have been found at various times this summer wearing boots even during very warm summer weather. There’s just something about boots that make me feel as though my outfit is complete.

Photo Source

I recently decided that some of my boots have seen their better days after having been worn for three years during [daily] Seattle rainstorms. I have personally always been one for taller boots, but I have recently become very interested in purchasing shorter lace up boots. Lace up boots come in so many styles and can find a place in any wardrobe. But, that being said, as I browse retailers for a good pair of lace up boots, I realize I have many reservations about buying a pair.

[1] I do not want any pair of boots that may cause someone to think that I should also be wearing a floor length black trench coat or be going into combat:

Flyman by White Mountain

[2] I do not want anyone to think that I may possibly be chopping down a tree or be wearing a bright orange vest while shooting pheasant later in the afternoon:


Air Tyler Lace by Cole Haan

[3] I do not want anyone to think that I own a studder or a be-dazzler that may have been purchased on an infomercial around the time that I also owned an easy bake oven:


Tarnney by Steve Madden

[4] I do not want anyone to wonder why my boots are so tight on my little ‘bird ankles’ and start singing ‘Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin’ Everywhere’ as I walk by because my tiny legs (accentuated by very tight-in-the-ankle boots) cause my thighs, bootay, & everything else to seem un-proportionally large in comparison to my ankles:


Troopa by Steve Madden

How is it that every outfit I see with short lace-up boots look so good with the individuals personal style, but when I browse these beautiful boots I come up with nothing that I can envision wearing? I’m starting my quest to find the perfect lace up boot.

Photo Source

Anyone else having a hard time finding the right lace up boot? Any successful finds? Leave your comment below to let us know your thoughts on short lace up boots!


5 thoughts on “The Lace Up Boot

      • Oh really?You made me happy becuase I have a pair of them and I didnt know that they are in fashion so I asked…Thank you for responding my question.And for my experience with lace up boots I wanna say that after one month Im gonna post smthg in my blog.And until than I hope you watch and like it…<33!

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