A Jason Wu Review

On Tuesday Charlotte had the chance to pop by a Jason Wu trunk show showcasing some of his best pieces from the fall 2012 collection. Can I just say that the highlight of my day was definitely being asked if I would like to try on the dress below? Between the hand sewn golden details and mink-fur lined neckline and armscye I was flattered that I would even be allowed to be clothed in such luxury even if just for a second! However, I politely declined, in my head thinking, “no; I do not get to wear dresses that cost approximately 67 months worth of rent.”

Jason Wu has always been a favorite designer of mine. He empowers women by showcasing all their feminine points without oversexualizing them, truly understanding who they want to be and how they want to feel; emotional factors which are so inescapably connected to physical fit and style of clothing. The inspiration for his fall collection was a three-fold look at China. Part one was the militant, communist history of China, as seen in the jacket detailing and army greenish grey coloring appearing early on in the runway show. Contrastingly, there was also Chinese 1930s and 1940s Old Hollywood glamour presented (think Marlene Dietrich and Shanghai Express). The third way China was included was in the intricate embroideries and rich brocades that spoke to the Qing Dynasty.

I think it is amazing that one collection can cohesively incorporate all of these different things – history, luxury, Hollywood, power, femininity. It adds a layer of depth and complexity to the inspiration, making it more significant, and to have it all be able to flow together as well as it does is remarkable.

One of the hottest trends right now is combining the burgundy color story with other hues in the red/pink family – Wu did it with classic red, but we have also seen versions of it knocked off by lower end ready to wear retailers. Stores such as Free People and H&M have burgundy paired with pink as part of their fall lines, and a shopping trip to any destination proves there is no shortage of burgundy lace. Jason Wu does it best, though – this lace paneled cape below might be my favorite piece in the entire collection.

In addition to burgundy and its various color pairings, Wu’s intricate embroideries, embellishments, and brocades are all very characteristic of Fall 2012. And while this is one of our favorite collections of fall, we are also already anticipating what Wu will bring to the table next. Overall, it felt like quite an honor to be able to interact with his clothing personally.


photos via style.com and nordstrom.com


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