Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.24.12

1. Goodness. Has anyone else had an extremely exhausting week? We sure have. Beside that, the two of us could sleep all the time, and there are many days lately where we think about being in bed a lot throughout the day, and cherish any moment when we get some time to rest!

2. Someone found Le Coeur De La Vie by typing ‘Camel Toe’ into Google and Charlotte immediately shared it with me. I felt like a proud parent – we write about such important topics…. including camel toes. I also LOLed at work when I read this text, which is always awkward.

3. Every morning I want to put on a cute, covered up, layered outfit… but it’s still summer (and so stinkin’ hot)! So, even though its 90+ degrees outside, I’m stuck on looking for fall & winter fashion inspiration. I’m ready to ditch the tank tops I’m wearing everyday, and cover up in these cozy outfits for later in the year. I LOVE the pop of the wedges against the solid black ensemble!

4. LET IT BE. Sometimes this can be the biggest inspiration we need. I sure needed to remind myself of that many times this week.

Click here if you missed last week’s FFF!

Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please do!


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