Road Trip Essentials

Beginning on Sunday, Charlotte makes the move from Seattle down to California with Morgan as her co-pilot on the drive. Naturally we have started planning for our road trip. While most of the space will be taken up by Charlotte’s LIFE (key items include the sewing machine and dress form so we can be reunited as sewing seamstresses once again), here are some other components we will be sure to include.

(left to right; top to bottom)

1. We always love getting inspired by our favorite fashion mags, and with the recent September issues hitting the stands, it’s a great time to catch up. i-D was a favorite find from our trip to Europe last summer. It is a rare but possible find over on this side of the pond, but well worth hunting down as it contains well-written, unexpected, and comprehensive articles.

2. Duh – the car! Charlotte’s latest purchase is a brand new Mazda 3 GT (dark grey with black leather interior). This is an enormous upgrade from King County Metro which has been Charlotte’s commute for the past four years, one she is not exactly sad to say goodbye to.

3. Twitter! Stay tuned at @LeCoeur_DeLaVie for live tweets of random road adventures.

4. We are both always recording all the details of our lives in calendars and planners. We hope to develop many new ideas for our blog on the drive that will need writing down!

5. Who needs maps when you are just driving straight forever down I-5/The Five? Not us! (hopefully). Well, we may just happen to get “lost” and end up back in Paris or something.

6. A great driving playlist. With Morgan’s strong preferences for country, and Charlotte’s indie/alternative taste (also known as “Creepy Crawly Music” according to Morgan), it will be a slight challenge to find 20 hours of crossover, but we are working on it!

7. Starbucks, of course! If you have seen our post about the subject, you understand…


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