Wednesday Wisdom 8.29.12

Wednesday is back and for Char & Morg it means just one day until they are reunited… and with the day off Friday for a friend’s wedding, it means a shorter work week for both of them as well! Whatever your Wednesday looks like today, take a few minutes to enjoy today’s post and may it bring a little extra joy to the middle of your week.

√ DO Have a dog named Cooper. One interesting fact about Morgan & Charlotte is that they both have dogs named Cooper. Charlotte’s Cooper is a fun loving Chocolate Lab that her family has had for a few years, while Morgan’s Cooper is a Siberian Husky who she adopted a few months ago (and he came with the name!). We love dogs & the companionship they bring to our lives, and on Friday Morgan will be waking up to Chocolate Lab Cooper while in WA, while Charlotte will be spending more time with Husky Cooper after she makes her move down to Cali this week. X DO NOT go to the dog beach if you are high-strung, stressed, can’t-handle-fun individual, or have a stupid dog. If you fall in one of these categories and decide you should go to the dog beach X DO NOT try to tell me my dog nearly drowned and killed your dog or kick at my dog/splash water in his face. Also, when I kindly try to talk to you and your chihuahua X DO NOT scream back that my dog nearly knocked over your sister-in-law. If you don’t want other dogs to play with your dog, stay at home & keep your dog in your backyard. Personally I thought that was common sense.

X DO NOT wear rainbow socks with your Vans & shorts. It made me uncomfortable while standing there waiting to fill my car up with gas. What also made me uncomfortable is that every time I was about to snap a picture while pumping my gas this individual would look back at me & stare. I guess I need to figure out how to be a little more sly with my photo taking. √ DO begin to layer socks & tights with shorts and mini skirts for fall. While it’s still very warm as we transition into fall, don’t start layering up with bulky sweaters and jackets and pants quite yet. Adjust the thickness of your tights and lengths of your socks to modify this look to be perfect for whatever your climate may be this coming month.


What have your X DO and your X DO NOT moments been this week? Leave us a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom 8.29.12

  1. Do buy your groomsmen fitted white shirts to go under their tuxes so that they don’t look 20lbs heavier than they are. Do not call the rental shop five minutes before closing and expect to get a cheerful, polite sales associate.

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