The 6 Week Plan Challenge

While saying farewell to friends up here in Seattle, I found myself in the middle of a great conversation with a close pal a couple nights ago. We were talking about how I am entering a new phase of life where I no longer have a clear cut goal, which is a first throughout the past eight years. It started off with “I want to go to Seattle Pacific University.” √. “I want to graduate in four years with a double degree in Communication and Fashion Merchandising.” √. “I want to write for a magazine.” √. “Participate in a study abroad program and spend the summer studying fashion in Paris.” √. “Buy a car.” √. And so on and so forth. I think one of the reasons why Morgan and I have always bonded so well is because we are both very driven, motivated, goal-directed people.

The most recent of the goals included moving to California to see what sort of career path I can develop down there. With this about to be a big check mark also, I am finding myself a little at a loss. Of course, much of the point of going to California is to discover and develop the next goal. But the “career path” thing is pretty vague given how I usually feel about my goals, and this could take a lot longer than I am used to! Thus I am worried about getting complacent and aimless and distracted while trying to reach the next step.

As I was explaining all of this, my friend looked at me, completely amused, and said, “Charlotte, have you ever tried just living DAY TO DAY?” He then explained to me that in his eyes, the most you can plan and control about your life is about six weeks out. He urged me to sort of “throw the birds out the window” in the words of Morgan and I, and try looking at life one day at a time within the frame of six weeks. He made me begin a verbal list of the things I see myself accomplishing in the next six weeks. It turned out I enjoyed this exercise, and much like the 50 Word Challenge, I decided it was one worth passing along to Morgan and sharing with her. So, here is a rough draft my 6 Week Plan, with Morgan’s following next week!

  • Arrive safely to California without falling asleep at the wheel and careening into the Pacific Ocean.
  • Pass my 4 weeks of training to move me from supervisor to manager at my current job and be a great leader at my new store.
  • Take Morgan to a “creepy crawly” concert (note: the concert does not necessarily have to occur in the six week time frame, but the plan for it should).
  • Avoid having Morgan take me to a country concert. (This is not only in the six week plan but also the six year plan, and beyond).
  • Begin a fun new sewing project together that we can blog about.
  • Be well on the way to adjusting to my new lifestyle in a new place to call home.

At this point, I began asking if I had created enough of a list or if I needed to keep going. This was the point where I was again reminded of the importance of maybe just living day to day, and being a little more laid back about always having the next great objective in mind. I definitely don’t want to miss out on any unexpected opportunities or little moments come along – often these daily things can make you feel just as accomplished as a large goal that is years in the making.

What does your next six weeks look like? How do you set goals?


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