The 6 Week Plan Challenge: Part II

Charlotte passed on The Six Week Plan Challenge to me about two weeks ago when she wrote the previous ‘Six Week Challenge’ post, and I must admit that it has been a challenge to come up with the things that I want to accomplish in the next six weeks. I, like Charlotte, most often think about what I want to accomplish in a year, five years, or over my lifetime, but somehow often fail to live in the moment & create short-term goals.
With that said, though it was difficult, I’m lining up my goals for The Six Week Plan Challenge. It’s taken a few weeks to come up with these and I still don’t feel like they are good enough, but I must remind myself that these are goals that will be accomplished within six weeks…not a lifetime. So, here they are… simple, silly, or not much of anything, at least I’m setting a few goals right? Setting goals is the first step to achieving them.

  • Give away 10+ things I have that I never use or wear.
  • Cook a new recipe.
  • Be bold & get out of the box to write interesting, thoughtful articles for the online magazine I write for.
  • Begin a new sewing project with Char.
  • Celebrate being in my job for a year (which will occur during this six weeks!!!) and strive daily to do better in the position I am in.
  • Find a way to volunteer or be involved in something new.
  • Convince Charlotte to go line dancing.

So often we don’t take the time to stop and set achievable short-term goals to keep us from becoming complacent in our jobs. Thanks to some encouragement Charlotte and I have now both set goals for the next six weeks of life. We haven’t lost sight of our bigger & more distant goals, but each short-term goal we set and achieve gets us one step closer to the bigger goals that may take a lifetime.

What does your next six weeks look like & how do you set goals? We’d love to hear what you have to share!


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