Mixing Neutrals: Wearing Black with Brown

Hasn’t it always seemed in the past that no one would ever recommend wearing the colors brown and black in the same ensemble? We always grew up with people telling us not to mix the two, but now, it’s almost like they go hand-in-hand come fall and winter. There are so many ways to wear black and brown together correctly that it’s hard to pass up the opportunity these days! Here’s a few tips on how to wear black with brown in the coming season.

Black pants or leggings with a pair of brown boots is a simple, but stunning option. This is something the two of us personally wear quite often. Remember, we’re Seattle girls and we LOVE boots, and you don’t always want to be wearing black boots and black pants. The following ensemble incorporates three neutrals creating a beautiful warm outfit for fall and winter. The trick is balancing the brown and black and letting them both be equal players so it doesn’t look like one was a mistake!

Photo Credit

Not cool enough yet in your part of the world for boots, pants, and a coat? We know it sure isn’t time for all those layers yet in Southern California! Another option for mixing black and brown is in prints, like the below dress by Diane von Furstenberg. Again, keep the two colors as equal players, and balance them out with another color or another neutral so both the brown and black ‘pop’.

Photo Credit

Another great way to mix and match black and brown is by mixing leather jackets and fur. The juxtaposition of the two is beautiful as the brown furs compliment black leather nicely, or vice versa. Use the below photo as inspiration for incorporating gold jewelry into black and brown looks as gold compliments the black and brown color combo better than silver.

Photo Credit

After all that are you still unsure how to incorporate the two colors into one look successful? Start small… incorporate leopard print which combines black and brown together for you. Use something this easy as a stepping stone into creating beautiful combinations of black and brown into your wardrobe for fall.

Photo Credit

Do you have a suggestion as to how you like to wear black with brown? Share your ideas with us!


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