Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.21.12

1. The two of us have decided that we are someday going to be rich & famous and buy… a VW Bus. Of all the cars we could choose from, we found this just seems to be the most fitting. Someday look for the two of us and all our children to be loaded up in this thing driving around town…we will be way cooler moms than the ones in the minivans!

2. This Burberry travel bag is beautiful…. wait, isn’t everything by Burberry beautiful? Wait, sorry while I just drool over everything on their website.

3. There are so many of these e cards I laugh at but that aren’t the most appropriate to share, but then there are the ones that I read and I think to myself “wow, someone out there really gets me,” and those are the ones that really make me chuckle. I always thought once I was finished with high school and college the whole procrastination thing would just up-and-leave. I’m learning otherwise.

4. Live happily in order for others to be happy!

Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please do!


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