In The Wise Words of DVF…

Do you ever have one of those days where you come across a little snippet of something or even just nothing that completely transforms your day into reflection and inspiration? That was Charlotte today upon finding this quote by Diane Von Furstenburg. DVF is such an iconic woman, not even as much for the clothing she produces but instead for who she is and how she carries herself as a woman. 

For both Morgan and I right now, we are at points in our lives where we are not exactly living our dream job. Understanding it is a long process to get there, something you have to work your way into as you journey through life, does not always reconcile the frustration felt in the moment that comes after having a bad day at work. However, neither of us are creatures who live to work, we are much more of the work to live type. And when it comes to living, we have realized, like DVF also did, that it is not about the job we have, but rather the women who we are trying to be. Putting this way of life into words, we have a few little philosophies to share with you:

  • Do not underestimate the power of a few kind words, nor take for granted the kind words of another. Kind words literally have the power to transform a day, and when you have the power to help make someone’s day happier, why not fully take advantage of it whenever a sincere opportunity presents itself?
  • Life is too short to get stressed out and uptight about things. We have both struggled with anxiety, insomnia due to anxiety, and the stressful pressure felt by being perfectionists and wanting to do well in all of our tasks and commitments. But when we look back at the number of times something drastically terrible or life-ruining resulted from what we were stressing out about…well, we’re still here today so it obviously cannot have been that bad. Instead of taking minutes off our lives by stressing out about things that are outside of our control, we are learning to just take one day at a time, and trying to find something to laugh about in the moments that are less than ideal.
  • Taking one day at a time and not stressing out about things does not necessarily equate itself with apathy which is a mistake we have seen others make. One conversation we have had recently is how we enjoy our time being around people who do not take life seriously, but rather take living seriously. This was opposite for Charlotte back up in Seattle, and learning to adjust to a new way of life is refreshing and fun. Think about it for a second and realize the distinction. What is your balance? Do you take living seriously, taking advantage of new opportunities? Do you participate in activities that enhance your health both mentally and physically? What do you have that makes your life worthwhile, and do you invest enough of your time in order to create that love and happiness?

Not that we are geniuses or think we have it all figured out by any means. Everything is always a daily work in progress as we try to figure out how to be better women in all the various roles of our lives. But since these are conversations we have been having lately and themes that we noticing about life, we just wanted to share a little of what is inspiring us outside of the whole world of fashion and trends.

We would love to hear your responses on this topic! What are your life philosophies? What do you do in order to make sure you take living, and not life seriously?


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