Fall Beauty Trends

Back in the day when Charlotte was a pre-teen, she was so thrilled when she was finally allowed to wear makeup that she used to wake up extra early and extra excited in the morning to paint her face. Morgan would layer on the glitter, eyelid to eyebrow and out wide of both. Looking back, we both wonder what was wrong with first of all us, and second of all our parents, who let us out of the house in these colorful and creative clown ensembles. Luckily in the years since we have learned how to apply makeup appropriately and can actually be quite good at it when we want to be. However, now, we wake up in the morning and often regard makeup as sort of a chore. Sometimes the desire to press the snooze button an extra time or two interferes with all else. Sleep outweighs the comments that are likely to occur when we don’t wear makeup – “wow, you look so tired today!” “Oh, are you feeling okay? You look kind of sick or something.” Note: telling a woman she looks sick or tired is not compassionate and caring – it translates directly to “OMG YOU ARE SO UGLY TODAY.”

All this to say that while our interest in beauty and makeup has spanned both ends of the spectrum, there are some fall beauty trends that we are pretty excited about. While we may not be waking up early enough to perfect them ourselves, we at least wanted to share with you some looks we are loving.
Wine Colored Lips
Well, the two of us are more likely to be sporting a more organic look when it comes to wine lips – not lipstick, but rather just stained from drinking red wine! In fact, just the other day, Charlotte told Morgan: “When I put lipstick on, it looks like a drunk 5 year old got wild with magic marker.” But how gorgeous is this fall look? The deep scarlet color is not just an apparel trend, but one in beauty as well. Celebs such as Lana Del Rey, Camilla Belle, Amber Valletta, and Kate Bosworth have all been seen sporting this rouge on red carpet events, proving that when done right, it can be appropriate on most complexions and colorings. It makes a statement all on its own, though, so be sure to keep the rest of the makeup minimal.
Brown Smokey Eye
Generally when we think of smokey eyes we think exactly that – smoke colored hues of grey and black. However, this look can be a bit too harsh for daytime. If you are looking for a more day appropriate eye look that still has a little drama to it, go for the brown smokey eye. We love the above takes on the look which were spotted all over the runways from designers such as Givenchy and Burberry.
French Fun
Monotone manicures are out and multi-tone manicures are in! Play around with your French tip by using multiple colors instead of the traditional white/nude. You can also try the reverse French manicure with the half moon sliver shape occurring at the bottom of the nail, inverted, instead of at the top. Or, use a matte finish with a shiny tip and vice versa. The options are endless and exciting.
What fall beauty trends have you excited?

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