Wednesday Wisdom 10.10.12

It’s Wednesday again, which means it is time for Wednesday Wisdom. Here’s out take on the week’s √ DOs and X DO NOTs!

DO Spend the week outside of the city with coworkers having a fun time in the mountains, working hard but also laughing more than you have had in a long time. Cool temperatures & cozy fires made for quite an enjoyable week. X DO NOT get so used to the 90 to 100 degree California heat that you forget to pack according to the Colorado mountain weather. You will then spend your time running from buildings to cars to attempt to avoid the cold and wearing the same warm outfit again and again.

X DO NOT get woken up by a flight attendant who sneaks over and yells ‘Ma’am WAKEY WAKEY’ and scares the living daylights out of you as he startles you awake to have you move your bag one more inch under the seat in front of you for landing √ DO make sure that no one sits in the middle seat next to you on a flight on Southwest where everyone choses their own seats. While sitting in the window seat, have your coworker sit in the aisle seat and pile all of your stuff in the middle seat to make it look occupied. When there are only a few seats left and people start eyeballing your seat full of junk, cough obnoxiously while making eye contact with the person who is contemplating sitting next to you. This plan ensures that one of the only two seats left on the flight will be the middle seat next to you. Success.

√ DO go to the Princess Diana exhibit on the Queen Mary on your day off and observe Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s fashionable pieces. X DO NOT drive into the ‘NO GO’ zone that Morgan tried to explain to you when you first moved here as it will cause you to encounter a man getting out of his car at a stop light and yelling and throwing things from his car at a semi. Trying to take on a semi with measly objects from your car is never going to end up with a win.

Do you have any Wednesday Wisdom to share with us? We’d love to hear what your √ DOs and X DO NOTs are for the week!


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