Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.12.12

1. Photo of the Week: Our friend Amanda sent us this link about some sky high heels designed by artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch designer René van den Berg. While it is an interesting creative venture, all we could think of as we saw it was….Edward Scissorfeet?!

2. Listen of the Week: The Heist by Seattle hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is the number one album on iTunes this week. It’s full of witty, intelligent rhymes, promotion of social justice, and overall a lot of fun. Check out Charlotte’s write-up of it over at JENESEQUA Style Magazine.

3. Inspiration of the Week: It speaks for itself, does it not?

4. Tweet of the Week: This Twitter account is a spoof of the kind of stupid shit girls say that Morgan and Charlotte would generally consider themselves outside of. However, we have definitely said this multiple times throughout the week to each other. Oops!

5. Désirée Lucienne Day was a British textile designer who pulled inspiration from abstract art, creating dozens and dozens of exciting prints like the one featured above circa the 1950s. Makes us want to sew!

Got any favorites for the week you think we should know about? Please leave us a comment! 


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