Meet the Stylist by Darling Magazine

Today’s post is an excerpt called Meet the Stylist courtesy of Darling Magazine: The Art of Being a Woman. Find the link to the actual article HERE. Morgan’s sister-in-law Lauren at PearlsPoppiesPinkiesUp clued us in to this article which we feel like totally sums up a little slice of our le coeur de la vie – or maybe le coeur de la mode? Is that proper French? We wouldn’t know…Anyway, we are sharing in hopes that you will find it as true and inspiring as we do! Enjoy.

(Please note, none of the below content is claimed by Le Coeur De La Vie. All credit to DARLING MAGAZINE). 

Meet The Stylist

OCTOBER 8, 2012 BY 

Continued from the series, Meet the Personas…

Personality is design in spirit form. Design is personality in tangible form. The way you present your personality to the world creates a certain predictability that makes people say, “Oh, that’s so you.”

Style is set apart from time. It permeates not only the clothes you wear, but also the expression of culture through architecture and interior design. It is demonstrated through color, texture, shape and line, applied to anything our society aesthetically appreciates.

The Stylist believes it’s all about dressing for your body, not for someone else’s body. She knows that most women are constantly critiquing their appearance, wishing for a change here or there. But instead of fueling that fire, she advises on healthy perceptions or body type and shape, encouraging love for what you’ve been given. She also will tell you to go with your own ideal of “stylish”—even if it goes against the tide—feeling free to wear your favorite colors, shapes and silhouettes to enhance your own personal beauty.

You’ve had that friend who shows up wearing the “coolest” possible combination of fabrics, prints, colors and shapes you’ve ever seen. And it seems effortless. The Stylist wants to help every woman come into her own style and feel confident rocking it. She wants to place more value on personal style versus trends, and believes in shopping on a budget in order to afford to go out in the outfit you bought—staying away from buying things that cost more than your rent. She wants to rid you of the guilty feelings associated with living outside of your means in order to “keep up.”

A woman who claims and embraces her own style is way more interesting than someone who hides behind cultural expectations out of fear of being judged. The Stylist invites you to come fully into who you are—a walking work of art—becoming a stylist in your own closet, a designer in your own home, and a tourist in your own city, appreciating design all around you.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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