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Both of us have a passion for traveling. There is something about the freedom, adventure, unknown, and culture that makes traveling so invigorating and exciting for the two of us. But, not only do I, Morgan, love travel, but ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with maps. I’ve always loved being the ‘navigator’ on car trips or sitting down to look at the atlas for a while when I was a child. There was also the game we would play where we’d spin the globe around as fast as we could and wherever our finger was when the globe stopped spinning was where we’d ‘travel’ next.

In wondering what we could do to cover up some of our bare white apartment walls, my first thought was MAPS! Though we have yet to put any maps up on the walls yet, here is some inspiration we are using to pull from!

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

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Photo Credit

Gosh. I could post photos of map decor all day…and during my search I actually purchased something for our house…


CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE! One of our big, blank, white walls could really use it!!!

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