Who We Are

Morgan Lynne Tien is an adventurer, born in the Midwest & moved from state to state before ending up in Los Angeles, she moves around but never forgets what ‘home’ is. About four years ago she packed up the car & hit the road for Seattle to attend Seattle Pacific University to study Fashion Merchandising & Business. Three years in school, a life-changing experience studying in Paris, and a move back to Los Angeles have gotten her to where she is today, working in Product Development during the day and living a carefree lifestyle when she is not at her desk – a life full of cherishing the experiences she has with those she loves. Passionate about others, about changing the world, being an entrepreneur, a world-traveler, and living life to the fullest… she is determined to make a difference through what she does. Life is too short to be complacent; it’s all about enjoying le coeur de la vie!

Charlotte Ann Pratt
is a Seattle native who has recently transplanted herself to Southern California. A Seattle Pacific University alumni, she puts her double degree in Fashion Merchandising and Communication to use in retail management for fast fashion, while also contributing as a Featured Editor for JENESEQUA Style Magazine – the first independent style magazine for iOS. Charlotte is a very expressive person who finds great worth in creativity; she loves exploring what others create with their passions – this is her ultimate inspiration. Thus, in addition to her interest in fashion and writing, she loves experiencing both old and new influences in music, literature and poetry, film, art, food, and  other elements of culture. Travel is the most successfully proven way to combine all these while learning more about the world and herself, so to Charlotte, this is le coeur de la vie!

Together we comprise Le Coeur de la Vie – The Heart of Life. Bonded by our mutual sense of humor and free spirited outlook on life, we have spent years getting to know each other through both laughter and tears. From one adventure to another we have stuck together, and we are always up for whatever twists and turns life decides to throw at us next. Our philosophy is this: at the heart of life, you must find and do what makes you a happier, better human being. For us, part of this blogging to share our thoughts about life, fashion, culture, and adventure, all with a little humor of our daily lives tossed in. Our trip to Paris last summer taught us that creative expression is a must for each of our lives, and this is the perfect outlet! We hope you enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: We had a great debate on whether it was more proper to call our blog LE COEUR DE LA VIE or AU COEUR DE LA VIE. After all, the only French activities we are good at include just wine and kissing mostly, and NOT vocabulary. However, after extensive consultation with professionals, we decided upon LE, mostly because we did not want to be confused with THIS which has already claimed the AU spot, and we could really never outshine: 


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