Back in Action

Hello to our followers and fans!

We have not forgotten you – that is a promise!

Rather, the past two or three weeks for both Char and Morg have been excruciatingly hectic. We are both in what is some of the busiest time of the year at our respective jobs, and we also just moved which is always so exhausting and time consuming. However, now that the new place is (somewhat) settled and we (finally) have wireless internet in it, please expect new and exciting posts as we resume our blogging gradually over the next few days into week or so.

As we ease back into it, we thought we would share with you a few laughs from our adventures in moving. Most notable was the purchase of a refrigerator.

Sometimes, being an adult is not so stylish. When really we would love to be purchasing jeans and jackets and shoes, we must make the choice to be grown ups and instead spend our hard-earned dollars on a fridge. Doesn’t that feel so adult? Buying large home appliances? Urghhh. We thought so too.

Anyway, we adventured off to the Sears outlet store to find a cosmetically damaged but functioning fridge. Along the way we encountered some mistakes, so we wanted to share for other prospective fridge owners. Do not be vulnerable to the same errors we encountered! You have been warned!

Mistake #1 was forgetting a measuring tape. If you haven’t already read the re-telling of this tale on our Wednesday Wisdom, here it is again:

“Can this one fit in that nook?” asked Morgan?

“I do not know, but I can find out,” replied Charlotte, who then proceeded to hug the fridge, approximating in her head that she could hug just about as much space in the kitchen, and therefore the fridge would fit.

While Morgan thought this was a very strange and embarrassing thing to do, Charlotte figured it could have been much worse. For example, she did not check to see if the refrigerator had a heartbeat like this other redhead did.

Moving onto Mistake #2. Our great pals Josh and Garrett came to pick up the fridge from the around the back pick-up area of Sears. They are so capable and wonderful that we really should have just left them to it. However, we decided to just pop around the back to investigate that everything was going along nicely. You know, that the fridge still had a beating heart and had not gone jumping out of the truck or dropped off a forklift or anything. What we unsuspectingly ran into was a RABID SKUNK LAIR. While screaming and freaking out about this sighting, we were then accosted by a posse of NASTY alley cats who were so dirty and matted that they looked like angry mops with tails charging at us to get off their territory! Umm, NOTED, cats! Never going back there again!!

Mistake #3. Allowing aforementioned great pals to stock the fridge entirely full of too much beer (transported in none other than a suitcase strapped down safely to a truck bed). There is really only space for one or the other when it comes to booze and groceries in there, and at first booze won out. But then we had a housewarming party, and the ratio seemed to more equalize, so there was room to go grocery shopping!

While some may think that the number one mistake in the first place was signing up for an apartment that didn’t come with a fridge already, we felt that our adventures in fridge shopping made us much older and aware of the wisdom of the world and what adult life is really like…

Sure to be more adventures in moving and living coming soon.



In The Wise Words of DVF…

Do you ever have one of those days where you come across a little snippet of something or even just nothing that completely transforms your day into reflection and inspiration? That was Charlotte today upon finding this quote by Diane Von Furstenburg. DVF is such an iconic woman, not even as much for the clothing she produces but instead for who she is and how she carries herself as a woman. 

For both Morgan and I right now, we are at points in our lives where we are not exactly living our dream job. Understanding it is a long process to get there, something you have to work your way into as you journey through life, does not always reconcile the frustration felt in the moment that comes after having a bad day at work. However, neither of us are creatures who live to work, we are much more of the work to live type. And when it comes to living, we have realized, like DVF also did, that it is not about the job we have, but rather the women who we are trying to be. Putting this way of life into words, we have a few little philosophies to share with you:

  • Do not underestimate the power of a few kind words, nor take for granted the kind words of another. Kind words literally have the power to transform a day, and when you have the power to help make someone’s day happier, why not fully take advantage of it whenever a sincere opportunity presents itself?
  • Life is too short to get stressed out and uptight about things. We have both struggled with anxiety, insomnia due to anxiety, and the stressful pressure felt by being perfectionists and wanting to do well in all of our tasks and commitments. But when we look back at the number of times something drastically terrible or life-ruining resulted from what we were stressing out about…well, we’re still here today so it obviously cannot have been that bad. Instead of taking minutes off our lives by stressing out about things that are outside of our control, we are learning to just take one day at a time, and trying to find something to laugh about in the moments that are less than ideal.
  • Taking one day at a time and not stressing out about things does not necessarily equate itself with apathy which is a mistake we have seen others make. One conversation we have had recently is how we enjoy our time being around people who do not take life seriously, but rather take living seriously. This was opposite for Charlotte back up in Seattle, and learning to adjust to a new way of life is refreshing and fun. Think about it for a second and realize the distinction. What is your balance? Do you take living seriously, taking advantage of new opportunities? Do you participate in activities that enhance your health both mentally and physically? What do you have that makes your life worthwhile, and do you invest enough of your time in order to create that love and happiness?

Not that we are geniuses or think we have it all figured out by any means. Everything is always a daily work in progress as we try to figure out how to be better women in all the various roles of our lives. But since these are conversations we have been having lately and themes that we noticing about life, we just wanted to share a little of what is inspiring us outside of the whole world of fashion and trends.

We would love to hear your responses on this topic! What are your life philosophies? What do you do in order to make sure you take living, and not life seriously?

The 6 Week Plan Challenge: Part II

Charlotte passed on The Six Week Plan Challenge to me about two weeks ago when she wrote the previous ‘Six Week Challenge’ post, and I must admit that it has been a challenge to come up with the things that I want to accomplish in the next six weeks. I, like Charlotte, most often think about what I want to accomplish in a year, five years, or over my lifetime, but somehow often fail to live in the moment & create short-term goals.
With that said, though it was difficult, I’m lining up my goals for The Six Week Plan Challenge. It’s taken a few weeks to come up with these and I still don’t feel like they are good enough, but I must remind myself that these are goals that will be accomplished within six weeks…not a lifetime. So, here they are… simple, silly, or not much of anything, at least I’m setting a few goals right? Setting goals is the first step to achieving them.

  • Give away 10+ things I have that I never use or wear.
  • Cook a new recipe.
  • Be bold & get out of the box to write interesting, thoughtful articles for the online magazine I write for.
  • Begin a new sewing project with Char.
  • Celebrate being in my job for a year (which will occur during this six weeks!!!) and strive daily to do better in the position I am in.
  • Find a way to volunteer or be involved in something new.
  • Convince Charlotte to go line dancing.

So often we don’t take the time to stop and set achievable short-term goals to keep us from becoming complacent in our jobs. Thanks to some encouragement Charlotte and I have now both set goals for the next six weeks of life. We haven’t lost sight of our bigger & more distant goals, but each short-term goal we set and achieve gets us one step closer to the bigger goals that may take a lifetime.

What does your next six weeks look like & how do you set goals? We’d love to hear what you have to share!

The 6 Week Plan Challenge

While saying farewell to friends up here in Seattle, I found myself in the middle of a great conversation with a close pal a couple nights ago. We were talking about how I am entering a new phase of life where I no longer have a clear cut goal, which is a first throughout the past eight years. It started off with “I want to go to Seattle Pacific University.” √. “I want to graduate in four years with a double degree in Communication and Fashion Merchandising.” √. “I want to write for a magazine.” √. “Participate in a study abroad program and spend the summer studying fashion in Paris.” √. “Buy a car.” √. And so on and so forth. I think one of the reasons why Morgan and I have always bonded so well is because we are both very driven, motivated, goal-directed people.

The most recent of the goals included moving to California to see what sort of career path I can develop down there. With this about to be a big check mark also, I am finding myself a little at a loss. Of course, much of the point of going to California is to discover and develop the next goal. But the “career path” thing is pretty vague given how I usually feel about my goals, and this could take a lot longer than I am used to! Thus I am worried about getting complacent and aimless and distracted while trying to reach the next step.

As I was explaining all of this, my friend looked at me, completely amused, and said, “Charlotte, have you ever tried just living DAY TO DAY?” He then explained to me that in his eyes, the most you can plan and control about your life is about six weeks out. He urged me to sort of “throw the birds out the window” in the words of Morgan and I, and try looking at life one day at a time within the frame of six weeks. He made me begin a verbal list of the things I see myself accomplishing in the next six weeks. It turned out I enjoyed this exercise, and much like the 50 Word Challenge, I decided it was one worth passing along to Morgan and sharing with her. So, here is a rough draft my 6 Week Plan, with Morgan’s following next week!

  • Arrive safely to California without falling asleep at the wheel and careening into the Pacific Ocean.
  • Pass my 4 weeks of training to move me from supervisor to manager at my current job and be a great leader at my new store.
  • Take Morgan to a “creepy crawly” concert (note: the concert does not necessarily have to occur in the six week time frame, but the plan for it should).
  • Avoid having Morgan take me to a country concert. (This is not only in the six week plan but also the six year plan, and beyond).
  • Begin a fun new sewing project together that we can blog about.
  • Be well on the way to adjusting to my new lifestyle in a new place to call home.

At this point, I began asking if I had created enough of a list or if I needed to keep going. This was the point where I was again reminded of the importance of maybe just living day to day, and being a little more laid back about always having the next great objective in mind. I definitely don’t want to miss out on any unexpected opportunities or little moments come along – often these daily things can make you feel just as accomplished as a large goal that is years in the making.

What does your next six weeks look like? How do you set goals?

20 Reasons To Get A Starbucks

Back in our days as poor college students, we often had trouble monetarily justifying our Starbucks additions. Yes, Morgan and Charlotte both are unabashedly addicted to coffee. Excuses have ranged from absolutely ridiculous jokes to actual legitimate reasons why coffee is a must. We had the idea of writing a book called “365 Reasons to Get a Starbucks.” While the book is still in the works we thought we would share a few now.
  1. You have not yet today. What are you waiting for?
  2. You are in Seattle. Several sub-reasons apply:
    • It is the hip thing to do here
    • It is likely raining
    • It is likely below 45 degrees
  3. Reading this post already has you craving one. Yeah, you are an addict too.
  4. Studying. Approaching finals week, and you will not be sleeping for another several days. This might require not just one, but rather TWO venti coffees. Double fisting at its finest. 
  5. It is Monday. Or, Wednesday, really. Or Friday. In fact, any day can be used as a casual “oh yeah, I just needed a coffee, I mean, it is xxxxxday after all.”
  6. You wake up in a pre-coffee coma and find yourself doing things like Charlotte has been known to, such as hunting for her deodorant in the freezer, forgetting to put water in the coffee maker, or forgetting to actually turn the coffee maker on and wondering why no coffee will brew…yeah, better just let someone else make it.
  7. You need a drink, but given your current setting, alcohol would be inappropriate.
  8. Or, you’ve already had a lot of alcoholic beverages the night before, and nothing is a better hangover cure than a breakfast sandwich and iced coffee.
  9. You were up all night putting finishing touches on your fashion designs for your very first runway show and need a pick-me-up to carry you over until showtime starts, as is occurring in the extremely unflattering and definitely outdated photograph below.
  10. You, like in the case of our dear friend Jennifer, have destroyed your ankle while playing tennis on a court where the terrain resembles a volcano/weed garden. Bonus – explaining this can get you a lot of free ice so you are both physically and emotionally curing injury.
  11. You are on a really bad date, or similar situation that requires an immediate yet potentially unattainable escape. In Morgan’s case, dairy can make her feel sick enough to get out. In Charlotte’s case, ordering a soy hazelnut latte is likely to send her on an allergic trip to the hospital. Problem solved! (Disclaimer: do not let your date pull a “Hitch” and take you to get Benadryl then spend the night making sure you are okay).
  12. “It counts as a meal.”
  13. You are in Paris, and the only French you learned how to say prior to coming was “je voudrais un cafe au lait s’il vous plait.” Guess you’ll have to survive on cafe! This is the most economical option, anyway. 
  14. Gold card! Get those stars! Free drinks!
  15. One for the road. You are doing a car trip, such as the drive from Seattle up to Charlotte’s hometown. Plus you want to pull a Morgan and loudly honk into the drive through window ordering speakers to keep the employees on their toes.
  16. Post dental trauma. In Morgan’s case, after the dentist nearly destroys her jaw in a two hour procedure. Worth it even if you are drooling coffee after. In Charlotte’s case, after the dentist says “OOPS, I just can’t get all these pieces to stop falling out!” Does pieces refer to the teeth or the tools? Either way, quite concerning…
  17. Boss in a bad mood.
  18. Fancy coffee, such as at The Palace of Versailles, is too much for you to handle. For example, you might, like Morgan, assume that the small gingersnap cookies served with your espresso are actually brown sugar to be plopped right in the drink! Upon realizing your mistake you will have to unceremoniously try to fish the soggy suds out to the horror of the fancy waitstaff…yeah, better off with just plain old Starbucks. 
  19. You are sleeping IN Starbucks. Charlotte witnessed this yesterday and thought, WOW. If you are so sleepy that you cannot even make it to the counter without pausing for nap, you are the first customer who should purchase our entrepreneurial idea of having a wheel-able caffeine IV. Or just a pocket flask of espresso, or something.
  20. You work retail and have been entrusted with the process of opening the store for business as early as 5 AM. Let it be known that it is cruel and unusual punishment for anyone to have to work BEFORE Starbucks is even open.

You also know you have a problem when you are using the Starbucks excuses to justify other life excuses. For example, one day we decided the “Charlotte’s Reasons To Move To California” list should include the fact that iced coffee was cheaper than lattes and thus she would actually save money on coffee by living in a warmer climate.

Well, we can pretty much guarantee that you all have used a version of this justification once or twice. Comment your excuses below, on our Facebook page, or Tweet #reasonssforStarbucks to @LeCoeur_DeLaVie us so we can all feel better about our coffee addictions! [#supportgroup #enablers #sorryiamnotsorry]

Le Coeur De La Vie In 50 Words: Part II

Le Coeur De La Vie to Morgan in 50 Words:

Live your life for the things you believe in and never be willing to lose sight of your dreams. Cherish each moment like its a once in a life time opportunity, filling your life with experiences and opportunities that make you the best you you could ever imagine to be.

Charlotte passed on the challenge to sum up the heart of life in 50 words to me after writing her own. It took quite some time to think about what I’d want to say to someone in 50 words, but the above is what I find to be so important to remind myself in my own life. Take the time this week to think about how you would share your own ‘Le Coeur De La Vie’ with others in 50 words and share it with us here! And in case you missed the beautiful poetic words Charlotte shared last week, take a look at her post here: Le Coeur De La Vie In 50 Words.

What would your 50 words be?

Le Coeur De La Vie In 50 Words

Le Coeur De La Vie to Charlotte in 50 Words:

Life must be regarded as an unending treasure hunt to discover and live what is truly beautiful. Beauty is discovered in nature’s poetic simplicity and a peaceful inner awareness. Beauty is lived through constantly devouring new knowledge and experiences, as well as loving and encouraging the best interest of others.

A great friend of Charlotte’s once asked her if she had 50 words to share with the world as a sort of lasting legacy; the most important thing she had ever said, what 50 words would they be? As a total word nerd who loves to write, Charlotte saw it as a cool challenge to undertake. We thought it fit in so well with our blog, because when you narrow your worldview down to 50 words, what results is completely your own sort of ‘Le Coeur De La Vie’ – what the heart of life is and means to you. We thought we would share to give you a little inspiration and contemplation for today. Stay tuned for Morgan’s words coming next week, and, if you feel so inclined, share yours with us in the comments below.

What would your 50 words be?