Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.12.12

1. Photo of the Week: Our friend Amanda sent us this link about some sky high heels designed by artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch designer René van den Berg. While it is an interesting creative venture, all we could think of as we saw it was….Edward Scissorfeet?!

2. Listen of the Week: The Heist by Seattle hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is the number one album on iTunes this week. It’s full of witty, intelligent rhymes, promotion of social justice, and overall a lot of fun. Check out Charlotte’s write-up of it over at JENESEQUA Style Magazine.

3. Inspiration of the Week: It speaks for itself, does it not?

4. Tweet of the Week: This Twitter account is a spoof of the kind of stupid shit girls say that Morgan and Charlotte would generally consider themselves outside of. However, we have definitely said this multiple times throughout the week to each other. Oops!

5. Désirée Lucienne Day was a British textile designer who pulled inspiration from abstract art, creating dozens and dozens of exciting prints like the one featured above circa the 1950s. Makes us want to sew!

Got any favorites for the week you think we should know about? Please leave us a comment! 


Meet the Stylist by Darling Magazine

Today’s post is an excerpt called Meet the Stylist courtesy of Darling Magazine: The Art of Being a Woman. Find the link to the actual article HERE. Morgan’s sister-in-law Lauren at PearlsPoppiesPinkiesUp clued us in to this article which we feel like totally sums up a little slice of our le coeur de la vie – or maybe le coeur de la mode? Is that proper French? We wouldn’t know…Anyway, we are sharing in hopes that you will find it as true and inspiring as we do! Enjoy.

(Please note, none of the below content is claimed by Le Coeur De La Vie. All credit to DARLING MAGAZINE). 

Meet The Stylist

OCTOBER 8, 2012 BY 

Continued from the series, Meet the Personas…

Personality is design in spirit form. Design is personality in tangible form. The way you present your personality to the world creates a certain predictability that makes people say, “Oh, that’s so you.”

Style is set apart from time. It permeates not only the clothes you wear, but also the expression of culture through architecture and interior design. It is demonstrated through color, texture, shape and line, applied to anything our society aesthetically appreciates.

The Stylist believes it’s all about dressing for your body, not for someone else’s body. She knows that most women are constantly critiquing their appearance, wishing for a change here or there. But instead of fueling that fire, she advises on healthy perceptions or body type and shape, encouraging love for what you’ve been given. She also will tell you to go with your own ideal of “stylish”—even if it goes against the tide—feeling free to wear your favorite colors, shapes and silhouettes to enhance your own personal beauty.

You’ve had that friend who shows up wearing the “coolest” possible combination of fabrics, prints, colors and shapes you’ve ever seen. And it seems effortless. The Stylist wants to help every woman come into her own style and feel confident rocking it. She wants to place more value on personal style versus trends, and believes in shopping on a budget in order to afford to go out in the outfit you bought—staying away from buying things that cost more than your rent. She wants to rid you of the guilty feelings associated with living outside of your means in order to “keep up.”

A woman who claims and embraces her own style is way more interesting than someone who hides behind cultural expectations out of fear of being judged. The Stylist invites you to come fully into who you are—a walking work of art—becoming a stylist in your own closet, a designer in your own home, and a tourist in your own city, appreciating design all around you.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday Wisdom 10.10.12

It’s Wednesday again, which means it is time for Wednesday Wisdom. Here’s out take on the week’s √ DOs and X DO NOTs!

DO Spend the week outside of the city with coworkers having a fun time in the mountains, working hard but also laughing more than you have had in a long time. Cool temperatures & cozy fires made for quite an enjoyable week. X DO NOT get so used to the 90 to 100 degree California heat that you forget to pack according to the Colorado mountain weather. You will then spend your time running from buildings to cars to attempt to avoid the cold and wearing the same warm outfit again and again.

X DO NOT get woken up by a flight attendant who sneaks over and yells ‘Ma’am WAKEY WAKEY’ and scares the living daylights out of you as he startles you awake to have you move your bag one more inch under the seat in front of you for landing √ DO make sure that no one sits in the middle seat next to you on a flight on Southwest where everyone choses their own seats. While sitting in the window seat, have your coworker sit in the aisle seat and pile all of your stuff in the middle seat to make it look occupied. When there are only a few seats left and people start eyeballing your seat full of junk, cough obnoxiously while making eye contact with the person who is contemplating sitting next to you. This plan ensures that one of the only two seats left on the flight will be the middle seat next to you. Success.

√ DO go to the Princess Diana exhibit on the Queen Mary on your day off and observe Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s fashionable pieces. X DO NOT drive into the ‘NO GO’ zone that Morgan tried to explain to you when you first moved here as it will cause you to encounter a man getting out of his car at a stop light and yelling and throwing things from his car at a semi. Trying to take on a semi with measly objects from your car is never going to end up with a win.

Do you have any Wednesday Wisdom to share with us? We’d love to hear what your √ DOs and X DO NOTs are for the week!

Brown, Blue, and The Rockies

I (Morgan) just spent a week in Estes Park, Colorado, surrounded by vast mountain ranges and bright blue skies. The beauty of it all was so refreshing, and coming back to Los Angeles’ smoggy skies is always difficult after a breath of fresh air like in Estes. If it hadn’t been so cold, and I hadn’t been working the whole time I was there, I would have spent more time outside taking in the beauty of it all. The color pallet of the blue skies and the brown earth inspired me to search for some various combinations of brown and blue. Below you can find a round-up of my ‘Brown and Blue’ findings. Enjoy!

The Brown and Blue Bed

Well dressed man in Brown and Blue

Women’s Street Style Brown and Blue

Brown and Blue Art

What are your thoughts on brown and blue combinations? Do you have any of your favorite brown and blue combos to share with us here?! Please do!

Fall Beauty Trends

Back in the day when Charlotte was a pre-teen, she was so thrilled when she was finally allowed to wear makeup that she used to wake up extra early and extra excited in the morning to paint her face. Morgan would layer on the glitter, eyelid to eyebrow and out wide of both. Looking back, we both wonder what was wrong with first of all us, and second of all our parents, who let us out of the house in these colorful and creative clown ensembles. Luckily in the years since we have learned how to apply makeup appropriately and can actually be quite good at it when we want to be. However, now, we wake up in the morning and often regard makeup as sort of a chore. Sometimes the desire to press the snooze button an extra time or two interferes with all else. Sleep outweighs the comments that are likely to occur when we don’t wear makeup – “wow, you look so tired today!” “Oh, are you feeling okay? You look kind of sick or something.” Note: telling a woman she looks sick or tired is not compassionate and caring – it translates directly to “OMG YOU ARE SO UGLY TODAY.”

All this to say that while our interest in beauty and makeup has spanned both ends of the spectrum, there are some fall beauty trends that we are pretty excited about. While we may not be waking up early enough to perfect them ourselves, we at least wanted to share with you some looks we are loving.
Wine Colored Lips
Well, the two of us are more likely to be sporting a more organic look when it comes to wine lips – not lipstick, but rather just stained from drinking red wine! In fact, just the other day, Charlotte told Morgan: “When I put lipstick on, it looks like a drunk 5 year old got wild with magic marker.” But how gorgeous is this fall look? The deep scarlet color is not just an apparel trend, but one in beauty as well. Celebs such as Lana Del Rey, Camilla Belle, Amber Valletta, and Kate Bosworth have all been seen sporting this rouge on red carpet events, proving that when done right, it can be appropriate on most complexions and colorings. It makes a statement all on its own, though, so be sure to keep the rest of the makeup minimal.
Brown Smokey Eye
Generally when we think of smokey eyes we think exactly that – smoke colored hues of grey and black. However, this look can be a bit too harsh for daytime. If you are looking for a more day appropriate eye look that still has a little drama to it, go for the brown smokey eye. We love the above takes on the look which were spotted all over the runways from designers such as Givenchy and Burberry.
French Fun
Monotone manicures are out and multi-tone manicures are in! Play around with your French tip by using multiple colors instead of the traditional white/nude. You can also try the reverse French manicure with the half moon sliver shape occurring at the bottom of the nail, inverted, instead of at the top. Or, use a matte finish with a shiny tip and vice versa. The options are endless and exciting.
What fall beauty trends have you excited?

Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.5.12

1. These pants from Zara rock. Morgan has a huge thing for pants (Charlotte is more into dresses and skirts) and absolutely loves all the printed skinnies that are out there right now.

2. Don’t let anything keep you down, but instead know that you are strong enough to overcome anything that comes your way. No person, job, or experience should ever stop you from being the person that you want to be.

3. UGallery is selling this piece titled Elated by Christine Soccio and I absolutely love it. The movement and the bright colors are absolutely stunning.

Free People October

Each month the release of the Free People catalog is something to look forward to as we covet the entire merchandise selection and feel inspired and uplifted by their fun videos and the reasons behind their looks.This month, Free People pulled inspiration from French femmes Lou Dillon, Garance Dore, as well as Dree Hemmingway. These iconic women are favorites of ours as well, so we wanted to share some of the gorgeous shots with you!

Wednesday Wisdom 10.3.12

Yesterday we brought you a post a little more serious in its wisdom. However, as usual with our Wednesday Wisdom today we are keeping it much more light-hearted with our weekly advice for what to do and avoid.

Is it really October already? √DO enjoy the flavors of the season. Our personal favorite is the pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Throughout recent weeks we have found ourselves developing strange justifications just to get our hands on one of these muffins. The most legitimate is probably when Charlotte decided that if she was going to be drug along to line dancing, she should probably eat a muffin first, because it would make her happier and and in a better mood to accept country. (The muffin was great and she still hates country, so mission accomplished). X DO NOT live in Southern California if FALL is your favorite season. We are stuck in the 90s here and getting sort of mad about it. And by sort of, I mean drastically. Morgan is yelling up a storm about being in heat (as usual, as you can see in this photo below from us in Paris last summer. Maybe the story about this will be coming soon, if she lets me…) Charlotte keeps wasting money buying sweaters that she will never wear when in reality she needs to expand other areas of her wardrobe, namely how it includes zero pairs of shorts and only one bathing suit.

√DO be a wonderfully awesome friend and use your job perks to score your BFF an awesome Manduka yoga mat! X DO NOT store your new yoga mat rolled up at the end of your bed when you are going to be rushing around in the dark late to work at 5:00 AM unless you want to trip over it go flailing across the room in the dark, attempting to be as quiet as possible in your thrashing and crashing as to not wake up the rest of the house. Oops. Why is it that two of Charlotte’s consecutive WWs involve falling down? X DO NOT use your old cheap yoga mat as a seat cover before you put your entire life in your car and drive it down to California. It will end up all warped, dented, and scraped, and possibly with some orange nail polish stains on it. When you are a newbie Yogi, bringing a mat like this to a yoga class would be highly embarrassing…

X DO NOT smoke inside a mall. This is neither Europe, nor a time several decades previous in life where smoking inside buildings would be somewhat acceptable. In fact, really just X DO NOT smoke in general. Yuck-o!

In The Wise Words of DVF…

Do you ever have one of those days where you come across a little snippet of something or even just nothing that completely transforms your day into reflection and inspiration? That was Charlotte today upon finding this quote by Diane Von Furstenburg. DVF is such an iconic woman, not even as much for the clothing she produces but instead for who she is and how she carries herself as a woman. 

For both Morgan and I right now, we are at points in our lives where we are not exactly living our dream job. Understanding it is a long process to get there, something you have to work your way into as you journey through life, does not always reconcile the frustration felt in the moment that comes after having a bad day at work. However, neither of us are creatures who live to work, we are much more of the work to live type. And when it comes to living, we have realized, like DVF also did, that it is not about the job we have, but rather the women who we are trying to be. Putting this way of life into words, we have a few little philosophies to share with you:

  • Do not underestimate the power of a few kind words, nor take for granted the kind words of another. Kind words literally have the power to transform a day, and when you have the power to help make someone’s day happier, why not fully take advantage of it whenever a sincere opportunity presents itself?
  • Life is too short to get stressed out and uptight about things. We have both struggled with anxiety, insomnia due to anxiety, and the stressful pressure felt by being perfectionists and wanting to do well in all of our tasks and commitments. But when we look back at the number of times something drastically terrible or life-ruining resulted from what we were stressing out about…well, we’re still here today so it obviously cannot have been that bad. Instead of taking minutes off our lives by stressing out about things that are outside of our control, we are learning to just take one day at a time, and trying to find something to laugh about in the moments that are less than ideal.
  • Taking one day at a time and not stressing out about things does not necessarily equate itself with apathy which is a mistake we have seen others make. One conversation we have had recently is how we enjoy our time being around people who do not take life seriously, but rather take living seriously. This was opposite for Charlotte back up in Seattle, and learning to adjust to a new way of life is refreshing and fun. Think about it for a second and realize the distinction. What is your balance? Do you take living seriously, taking advantage of new opportunities? Do you participate in activities that enhance your health both mentally and physically? What do you have that makes your life worthwhile, and do you invest enough of your time in order to create that love and happiness?

Not that we are geniuses or think we have it all figured out by any means. Everything is always a daily work in progress as we try to figure out how to be better women in all the various roles of our lives. But since these are conversations we have been having lately and themes that we noticing about life, we just wanted to share a little of what is inspiring us outside of the whole world of fashion and trends.

We would love to hear your responses on this topic! What are your life philosophies? What do you do in order to make sure you take living, and not life seriously?

Pumped Up Kicks: The Wedge Sneaker Trend

While we were in Paris last summer, one trend we saw just beginning to take off in Europe was what we are calling “pumped up kicks.” High tops and high fashion combine as designers and retailers develop a variety of stylish sneakers with wedge heels. Of course, the sneaks are on the streets here in the United States now, coming around in the year-later time frame that Europe to America styles so often do. Street Style Spotting: Fit fashionistas sporting sneakers (puns intended). Photo Source.

Why sneakers as a trend? For starters, one of the clearest trends on last spring’s runways was athletic inspired outfits. The time is right now for it to have trickled from runway to ready to wear and down to mass fashion. The recent Summer Olympics definitely helped inspire a worldwide adoption of this hot look. Not to mention these pumped up kicks are incredibly comfortable – a nice break from stilettos or flats with far less support. Below are some of our favorite looks for a retail roundup.

Left to right; top to bottom: 1. Y-3 Multi Aria Lace Up Trainers – $146   2. Isabel Marant Betty Leather and Suede Wedge Sneakers – $665   3. Ash Cool Cobalt Sneaker Wedges – $260   4. N.Y.L.A. Women’s Penthea Fashion Sneaker – $70   5. GREEN Bare Feet Shoes Nature Breeze CHATILLY Two-Tone Sneaker Wedge Booties – $35   6. ASOS DENY Wedge High Top Sneakers – $63   7. Steve Madden Women’s Hilight Fashion Sneaker – $150   8. ASOS DENY Wedge High Top Sneakers – $63

Got any styling suggestions for us on how to wear wedge sneakers? We would love to know!