Wednesday Wisdom 10.17.12

Well, it appears to be Wednesday again. We have taken the time to gather our abundant wisdom (which we suffered strange personal experiences to collect) in order to help you and your week out with what to √DO and X DO NOT in life.

√DO purchase a beginner’s unlimited yoga special so that you can begin using your brand new Manduka mat that your best friend so graciously got for you! X DO NOT be the weird old lady in the back who farts during yoga class. X DO NOT say you are teaching a beginner’s yoga class if you plan on doing moves that involve balancing your whole body on one hand while poking your other limbs out in all different directions. X DO NOT work the front desk of the yoga studio if you are going to act like you have never seen technology in your whole life before. √DO show up to yoga many minutes in advance if this front desk scenario happens to be occurring, because there will be a lineup around the block of people waiting to just sign in for class…

√DO be independent women and go apartment hunting, making the switch from college housing and crashing with parents to real-life rent-paying properties. X DO NOT be mislead by Craigslist properties that seem far too good to be true, and go visit them alone, because they will actually be blatant lies with photoshopped pictures that lead you to ultra Scaryland crime zone where you nearly get shot while waiting for the property manager who never shows up…

X DO NOT laugh in someone’s face when they ask if you are a personal trainer, because though this might be a very funny joke to you, they could actually be quite serious. √DO escape as quickly as possible from this individual, otherwise he might ask you to be his personal calorie counter who accompanies him everywhere. When you politely decline he will then follow you, trying to sit at your table and chat to you all about how hard it was for him to find a hotel room with WiFi, telling you that you are beautiful and sweet, when all you want to do is enjoy a coffee on your break from work in peace!

We KNOW you have seen some √DO and X DO NOT moments, so stop being shy about sharing – we would love to hear your own personal wisdom!


Wednesday Wisdom 10.3.12

Yesterday we brought you a post a little more serious in its wisdom. However, as usual with our Wednesday Wisdom today we are keeping it much more light-hearted with our weekly advice for what to do and avoid.

Is it really October already? √DO enjoy the flavors of the season. Our personal favorite is the pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Throughout recent weeks we have found ourselves developing strange justifications just to get our hands on one of these muffins. The most legitimate is probably when Charlotte decided that if she was going to be drug along to line dancing, she should probably eat a muffin first, because it would make her happier and and in a better mood to accept country. (The muffin was great and she still hates country, so mission accomplished). X DO NOT live in Southern California if FALL is your favorite season. We are stuck in the 90s here and getting sort of mad about it. And by sort of, I mean drastically. Morgan is yelling up a storm about being in heat (as usual, as you can see in this photo below from us in Paris last summer. Maybe the story about this will be coming soon, if she lets me…) Charlotte keeps wasting money buying sweaters that she will never wear when in reality she needs to expand other areas of her wardrobe, namely how it includes zero pairs of shorts and only one bathing suit.

√DO be a wonderfully awesome friend and use your job perks to score your BFF an awesome Manduka yoga mat! X DO NOT store your new yoga mat rolled up at the end of your bed when you are going to be rushing around in the dark late to work at 5:00 AM unless you want to trip over it go flailing across the room in the dark, attempting to be as quiet as possible in your thrashing and crashing as to not wake up the rest of the house. Oops. Why is it that two of Charlotte’s consecutive WWs involve falling down? X DO NOT use your old cheap yoga mat as a seat cover before you put your entire life in your car and drive it down to California. It will end up all warped, dented, and scraped, and possibly with some orange nail polish stains on it. When you are a newbie Yogi, bringing a mat like this to a yoga class would be highly embarrassing…

X DO NOT smoke inside a mall. This is neither Europe, nor a time several decades previous in life where smoking inside buildings would be somewhat acceptable. In fact, really just X DO NOT smoke in general. Yuck-o!

In The Wise Words of DVF…

Do you ever have one of those days where you come across a little snippet of something or even just nothing that completely transforms your day into reflection and inspiration? That was Charlotte today upon finding this quote by Diane Von Furstenburg. DVF is such an iconic woman, not even as much for the clothing she produces but instead for who she is and how she carries herself as a woman. 

For both Morgan and I right now, we are at points in our lives where we are not exactly living our dream job. Understanding it is a long process to get there, something you have to work your way into as you journey through life, does not always reconcile the frustration felt in the moment that comes after having a bad day at work. However, neither of us are creatures who live to work, we are much more of the work to live type. And when it comes to living, we have realized, like DVF also did, that it is not about the job we have, but rather the women who we are trying to be. Putting this way of life into words, we have a few little philosophies to share with you:

  • Do not underestimate the power of a few kind words, nor take for granted the kind words of another. Kind words literally have the power to transform a day, and when you have the power to help make someone’s day happier, why not fully take advantage of it whenever a sincere opportunity presents itself?
  • Life is too short to get stressed out and uptight about things. We have both struggled with anxiety, insomnia due to anxiety, and the stressful pressure felt by being perfectionists and wanting to do well in all of our tasks and commitments. But when we look back at the number of times something drastically terrible or life-ruining resulted from what we were stressing out about…well, we’re still here today so it obviously cannot have been that bad. Instead of taking minutes off our lives by stressing out about things that are outside of our control, we are learning to just take one day at a time, and trying to find something to laugh about in the moments that are less than ideal.
  • Taking one day at a time and not stressing out about things does not necessarily equate itself with apathy which is a mistake we have seen others make. One conversation we have had recently is how we enjoy our time being around people who do not take life seriously, but rather take living seriously. This was opposite for Charlotte back up in Seattle, and learning to adjust to a new way of life is refreshing and fun. Think about it for a second and realize the distinction. What is your balance? Do you take living seriously, taking advantage of new opportunities? Do you participate in activities that enhance your health both mentally and physically? What do you have that makes your life worthwhile, and do you invest enough of your time in order to create that love and happiness?

Not that we are geniuses or think we have it all figured out by any means. Everything is always a daily work in progress as we try to figure out how to be better women in all the various roles of our lives. But since these are conversations we have been having lately and themes that we noticing about life, we just wanted to share a little of what is inspiring us outside of the whole world of fashion and trends.

We would love to hear your responses on this topic! What are your life philosophies? What do you do in order to make sure you take living, and not life seriously?

Wednesday Wisdom 9.26.12

It’s another hump day & we’re hoping it goes by quickly so we’re one day closer to the weekend! I mean, how is it ONLY Wednesday?! Enjoy the below tidbits of knowledge we have to share with you today for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom!

√ DO purchase a pair of killer Dylan George black leggings with leather down the inner seam while shopping La Brea Avenue on Sunday afternoon. X DO NOT try to show off how bad ass you are to your father unless you want to hear “you look like you should ride a horse… I mean, you look so equestrian. I guess you better add one of those horse riding helmets to your outfit.” Thanks dad, I was feeling so cool until you mentioned that helmet.

Excuse me sir at Starbucks, X DO NOT wear a purple shirt, a pair of purple ombre pants, and purple shoes. One, of all colors, did it have to be purple? And two, it’s just TOO much. √ DO play with mixing color. Have fun mixing prints and colors to create eye catching ensembles. Try mixing and matching some pieces in your wardrobe you wouldn’t normally wear together & see what you come up with!

√ DO both take the time to have great conversations with your brothers this week (coincidentally both named Connor). With one being in Oregon and the other in Buenos Aires, it’s nice for us big sisters to talk with our younger brothers and catch up on life!

Have you seen any X DO NOT moments out and about that we need to know of? What √DO examples have inspired you lately?

Wednesday Wisdom 9.19.12

√DO step outside your comfort zone and try something you never thought you might, such as Charlotte going line dancing last Thursday night. You’ll realize that as long as you are with people who matter to you, you can have fun doing just about anything, even if you may feel like you look like a fool! X DO NOT mess up perfectly good dance songs such as Michael Jackson by making up this whole stupid step by step spin stomp choreography BS to them. But if you happen to be in an environment where this unfortunately has taken place, X DO NOT try to free style all over the dance floor. Line dancing is SERIOUS BUSINESS and you may get kicked off. X DO NOT sit at the bar where “KAY’S RESERVED SPOT” happens to be. Kay is apparently quite famous on the line dancing scene and despite being about 60 years old and 4 feet tall she is VERY menacing and may just beat you up for ordering a drink all up in her zone.

Charlotte with Morgan’s boyfriend Josh during her first line dancing experience.

XDO NOT neglect your health and wellness unless you want to end up like Charlotte falling down flights of stairs and creating scars by dropping shelves on her shoulder while playing Bob The Builder at work, or be like Morgan tripping over bicycle racks and smashing into things at her job. Clearly we could both use a little more gracefulness and coordination in our day to day lives, hence: √DO consider your health and well being. We spent part of Sunday afternoon chatting about the week ahead and planning out time to play tennis, go to yoga class, go on early morning walks, and participate in Jillian Michaels videos. This makes us feel so much better, mentally just as much as physically, and it is so much easier to conquer the week with less unfortunate accidents.

Let us know if you have any Wednesday Wisdom of your own!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.14.12

1. The Artist of the Week this week is the ever-inspiring Robert Rauschenberg, one of the first graphic artists and an early instigator of the pop art movement. His collages like the one pictured above combine an interesting mix of objects (click for a larger view) that keep you guessing about the connections he was making in his head as he created.

2. A photo of Ground Zero in honor of this week’s September 11th memorial.

3. Sometimes the best advice is the most simple.

4. Morgan and I were sitting side by side on our computers blogging earlier in the week when suddenly she gasps that she has found the boots of her dreams. As she turned her computer screen to show me I could not help but to burst out laughing at her joke. Imagining anyone in these boots, apparently a “comfort fit” is just too funny! This is one of those cases where function does NOT outweigh fashion.

5. Wildfox Couture is a favorite label of mine, and so are all their Monday Blues cures.

6. Here’s a view of the Marc Jacobs S/S 2013 Collection. We are loving the black and white geometric trend that many designers are using.

Got any featured favorites of your own that you think we should know about? Leave a comment!

Wednesday Wisdom 9.12.12

√ DO Get outdoors before summer is over and enjoy the end of the summer/beginning of fall events that are occurring this month. For example, classic car shows or the ever popular Lobster Festival both happened in our city this past weekend!  X DO NOT wander around for hours in the sun in a tank top with your messenger bag across your chest. If you feel like you are getting sun burnt on your arms and chest, and are carrying said messenger in one position all day, it would probably be best to put two-and-two together and realize you will end up with a very undesirable tan line. The last few days have required creative outfitting to cover up the white ‘strap’ across my chest (√ DO – chunky necklaces are a great option for anyone out there who may be in the same boat). Also X DO NOT Google image search “bad sun burn” when looking for graphics for your Wednesday Wisdom unless you want to be highly disturbed.

√ DO Decide you should get another job just for a clothing allowance. √ DO Go on random shopping trips with your mom to help her find a new purse & get ice cream out of the deal. √ DO Go shopping at Buffalo Exchange for a little retail therapy & unique affordable items. X DO NOT try on a pair of ill-fitting jeggings that instantly remind you of the quote Michael Kors said on Project Runway the night before: “Something should’ve been in that crotch that a girl doesn’t have.” –Michael. I thought I learned my lesson with the first pair of jeggings I owned, but clearly I didn’t. I think from now on I’m REALLY making a promise to myself to stop trying them on… not matter how good of a deal I find.

X DO NOT ask the woman at the DMV to look into her crystal ball to tell you if you will pass your driver’s test or not. She won’t think this is funny. X DO NOT Tell strangers at the DMV that you are going to have a hot flash FOR REAL. X DO NOT go around dropping your laundry & ‘bending and snapping’ at the laundromat when you a 40 year old are wearing a miniskirt.

Wednesday Wisdom 8.22.12

Is it really already Wednesday again? Well, good thing we are prolific in our Wednesday Wisdom and have another round of our life advice to help you make it through the rest of the week.

√ DO take a few minutes out of your day to pay a sincere compliment to someone, whether a close friend, acquaintance, or complete stranger. These days, a little bit of kindness goes a long way, especially on a smack dab in the middle of the week on Wednesday. Plus, compliments work both ways: giving feels just as good as receiving. X DO NOT spend an entire bus ride staring at someone trying to work up the courage compliment them, and then when the courage is still not there, follow them off the bus. They will become aware that you are totally following them and be very creeped out, starting to walk much faster, weaving in and out of lamp posts, trashcans, and other city sidewalk obstacles. If you are still on the chase now would be an extremely good time to give up, NOT break flat out into a run up behind them, and tap them on the shoulder just to say that they are “incredibly beautiful.” You might be an otherwise normal seeming and looking person, but this is a disaster way to compliment!

√ DO take an evening to yourself. Pick up a favorite bottle of wine, favorite bottle of nail polish, and a good facial mask and spend the evening in relaxing and rejuvenating.Turn off your cell phone and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to start. (Charlotte’s Picks: Stonecap SyrahSinful Polish “Rich In Heart,” New Zealand brand Living Nature’s halloysite clay Deep Cleansing Mask, and Chuck Klosterman’s The Visible Man). X  DO NOT mind me if you are my pizza delivery man and I happen to answer the door with a face frozen in place by the green clay goop that is all over it. You are not hiding your look of surprise very well and consequently your face happens to look a whole lot more unattractive than mine…Duh, pizza perfectly compliments a little personal pampering!

√ DO purchase yourself a car, if the time is right; for example you happen to be moving your life down to California in a week and a half. X DO NOT attempt to sell your car to a gas station stranger from “Fontucky,” allowing him to take you for a test drive all around the middle of nowhere after dark while abandoning your girlfriend to fend for herself. Unless, of course, you are trying to be the pilot episode of some new horror film / reality show mashup.

√ DO trade in your summer sandals for fall boots. It is that time of year, and the two of us could NOT be more excited about it. Unfortunately the dilemma of which boots to purchase has Morgan in a bit of a predicament, as you may have seen yesterday. Luckily in just under two weeks we will finally be living together again and able to shop until we drop. X DO NOT think that this transition to fall footwear means it is acceptable to just add socks for warmth with your flip flops. Particularly if you happen to be participating in a grab and run shoplifting robbery. You will find this attire will hinder an effective getaway and make you rather distinguishable to police as you waddle around the downtown streets with armloads of clothing.

Just like those compliments, we’d love Wednesday Wisdom to also go both ways! Comment your √ DO and X DO NOT moments!

Wednesday Wisdom 8.15.12

It’s Wednesday again, which means another week is half way through. Power through this Wednesday and you’re over the hump – just a few more days until what we’re all looking forward to, the weekend! Enjoy the following DOs and DONTs regarding life, fashion, and fun for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom!

X DO NOT wear an incognito prints-galore outfit to a Dodgers game while its 95 degrees outside. First thing, way too many prints that are not complimenting each other, and second, HELLO it’s 95 degrees outside which is far too hot for leopard pants, a metallic sweater, and a huge printed wrap over your head. Is all that mix-matched clothing necessary? √ DO learn how to pair prints to create beautiful ensembles from this year’s Fall  12 fashion runway shows. There are options for everyone!

 X DO NOT believe that you are going to stand up paddle board in your clothing and not fall in the water, especially when surrounded by four guys. Someone will suddenly jump on your board and while you were once perfectly balanced and dry you will suddenly be swimming wearing a 7 POUND pair of jeans rather than Seven Jeans. √ DO Face your fears and defeat your phobias because life’s too short to live in fear. So swim in dark waters for an hour after falling off your paddle board at 3 am and wear clothes in the river even though you’ve grown up with a phobia of wearing clothing in water. I mean… why not. Be fearless!

√ DO enjoy summer and surround yourself with fun… participating in work summer BBQs or tennis nights with coworkers. It’s already the middle of August and the last weeks of summer need to be embraced! X DO NOT put food on your plate while talking to coworkers at said work BBQ without looking at the labels the creator of the dish has put next to the food. Otherwise, you will soon be putting ketchup on what you believe is french fries when someone will look at you and say “that is jicama and you are putting ketchup on your fruit.” whoops.

Seen or experienced any √DO or X DO NOT moments lately? Leave us a comment below!

Wednesday Wisdom 8.8.12

Are you feeling the Wednesday woes? Unmotivated on this hump day, and not sure how to combat the rest of the week? Lucky for you we have some tips on what to do and avoid for not only the rest of the week, but quite honestly your entire life. Take it from us and our direct personal experience here…

X DO NOT change your name to Snoop Lion. X DO NOT approach strangers from behind who are boarding the bus and growl lion-style into their ear. X DO NOT wear a faux lion head as a motorcycle helmet. X DO NOT grow sideburns and a beard that resemble Mufasa’s hairstyle. The two lattermost of these four are particularly bad ideas in the current context of a Seattle heat wave of near 90 degree temperatures. Attempting to impersonate lions in this climate (though reminiscent of their natural habitat in the safari) will just turn you into a sweat bucket. Moral of the story: √ DO avoid anything related to lions when it comes to all things related to your actions, dress and appearance.

√ DO organize and purge your closet. Here’s a hot tip: each time you wear something, when you go to hang it back up in your closet, flip the hanger so that it hooks on the bar the opposite way. Then, pick an outfit each day from items that have not yet been flipped. This a great way to know what you have worn and what you have not, and as you get down to the last items that have not been flipped, you may find you have no desire to wear them and want to get rid of them! X DO NOT own a wardrobe that is 95% suited for temperatures under 45 degrees if you are moving to Southern California. Also, X DO NOT try on this cold weather wardrobe to decide what to get rid of when, again, it is a Seattle heatwave of near 90 degree temperatures. It may lead to a complete destruction of the entire wardrobe, and a quest to rebuild it in the air-conditioned shopping destinations of downtown. Oops!

√ DO embrace the novelty of the “Casual Friday” phenomenon. Why not? If you have spent 80% of your week dressing to impress, you for sure deserve to take a break for a day. It is a great TGIF moment; a reminder the the weekend is just around the corner. X DO NOT try to balance out the extreme casual of sweat shorts and a t-shirt by classing it up with accessories such as pearl necklaces and cowboy boosts. ESPECIALLY if you are a man. Who do you think you are, the “Lazy Luxe Cowboy?” No. This schizophrenic styling is just not cute.

Have you seen any scary X DO NOT moments out and about that we need to know of? What √DO examples have inspired you lately? Leave us a comment below!