Piperlime Fall Sale Round-up: Morgan’s Wishlist

Piperlime.com, is my (Morgan’s) favorite online retailer. I purchased my first item from Piperlime.com my sophomore year in high school and the website has only gotten better in the years since. From now until October 20th they are having a great sale, 30% off a selection of fall items. If my shopping budget was endless I would love to purchase so many of the pieces. Since I can’t purchase anything, I created a round-up of my favorite items for you to enjoy! If you have some extra shopping money this month head over to Piperlime.com and check out the sale for yourself!

[Items listed below are listed from left to right and top to bottom]

MICHAEL Michael Kors Persian Leopard Print Dress – Sale Price $99.50 Lucky Brand Stone Set Ring – Sale Price $27.50  Ark & Co. Winter Red Blazer – Sale Price $59.50  Hive & Honey Cowl Poncho – Sale Price $54.50 Ivanka Trump CeCe Flat – Sale Price $99.50 Genetic Denim Shane Faux-Front Cigarette Jean – Sale Price $219.50 Rhyme & Echo Paris Peplum Mini – Sale Price $38.50 Heart Soul Cambria Boot – Sale Price $59.50

Check out Piperlime’s sale for yourself & let us know your fall must-haves!


Mixing Neutrals: Wearing Black with Brown

Hasn’t it always seemed in the past that no one would ever recommend wearing the colors brown and black in the same ensemble? We always grew up with people telling us not to mix the two, but now, it’s almost like they go hand-in-hand come fall and winter. There are so many ways to wear black and brown together correctly that it’s hard to pass up the opportunity these days! Here’s a few tips on how to wear black with brown in the coming season.

Black pants or leggings with a pair of brown boots is a simple, but stunning option. This is something the two of us personally wear quite often. Remember, we’re Seattle girls and we LOVE boots, and you don’t always want to be wearing black boots and black pants. The following ensemble incorporates three neutrals creating a beautiful warm outfit for fall and winter. The trick is balancing the brown and black and letting them both be equal players so it doesn’t look like one was a mistake!

Photo Credit

Not cool enough yet in your part of the world for boots, pants, and a coat? We know it sure isn’t time for all those layers yet in Southern California! Another option for mixing black and brown is in prints, like the below dress by Diane von Furstenberg. Again, keep the two colors as equal players, and balance them out with another color or another neutral so both the brown and black ‘pop’.

Photo Credit

Another great way to mix and match black and brown is by mixing leather jackets and fur. The juxtaposition of the two is beautiful as the brown furs compliment black leather nicely, or vice versa. Use the below photo as inspiration for incorporating gold jewelry into black and brown looks as gold compliments the black and brown color combo better than silver.

Photo Credit

After all that are you still unsure how to incorporate the two colors into one look successful? Start small… incorporate leopard print which combines black and brown together for you. Use something this easy as a stepping stone into creating beautiful combinations of black and brown into your wardrobe for fall.

Photo Credit

Do you have a suggestion as to how you like to wear black with brown? Share your ideas with us!

Wednesday Wisdom 8.22.12

Is it really already Wednesday again? Well, good thing we are prolific in our Wednesday Wisdom and have another round of our life advice to help you make it through the rest of the week.

√ DO take a few minutes out of your day to pay a sincere compliment to someone, whether a close friend, acquaintance, or complete stranger. These days, a little bit of kindness goes a long way, especially on a smack dab in the middle of the week on Wednesday. Plus, compliments work both ways: giving feels just as good as receiving. X DO NOT spend an entire bus ride staring at someone trying to work up the courage compliment them, and then when the courage is still not there, follow them off the bus. They will become aware that you are totally following them and be very creeped out, starting to walk much faster, weaving in and out of lamp posts, trashcans, and other city sidewalk obstacles. If you are still on the chase now would be an extremely good time to give up, NOT break flat out into a run up behind them, and tap them on the shoulder just to say that they are “incredibly beautiful.” You might be an otherwise normal seeming and looking person, but this is a disaster way to compliment!

√ DO take an evening to yourself. Pick up a favorite bottle of wine, favorite bottle of nail polish, and a good facial mask and spend the evening in relaxing and rejuvenating.Turn off your cell phone and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to start. (Charlotte’s Picks: Stonecap SyrahSinful Polish “Rich In Heart,” New Zealand brand Living Nature’s halloysite clay Deep Cleansing Mask, and Chuck Klosterman’s The Visible Man). X  DO NOT mind me if you are my pizza delivery man and I happen to answer the door with a face frozen in place by the green clay goop that is all over it. You are not hiding your look of surprise very well and consequently your face happens to look a whole lot more unattractive than mine…Duh, pizza perfectly compliments a little personal pampering!

√ DO purchase yourself a car, if the time is right; for example you happen to be moving your life down to California in a week and a half. X DO NOT attempt to sell your car to a gas station stranger from “Fontucky,” allowing him to take you for a test drive all around the middle of nowhere after dark while abandoning your girlfriend to fend for herself. Unless, of course, you are trying to be the pilot episode of some new horror film / reality show mashup.

√ DO trade in your summer sandals for fall boots. It is that time of year, and the two of us could NOT be more excited about it. Unfortunately the dilemma of which boots to purchase has Morgan in a bit of a predicament, as you may have seen yesterday. Luckily in just under two weeks we will finally be living together again and able to shop until we drop. X DO NOT think that this transition to fall footwear means it is acceptable to just add socks for warmth with your flip flops. Particularly if you happen to be participating in a grab and run shoplifting robbery. You will find this attire will hinder an effective getaway and make you rather distinguishable to police as you waddle around the downtown streets with armloads of clothing.

Just like those compliments, we’d love Wednesday Wisdom to also go both ways! Comment your √ DO and X DO NOT moments!