Interior Decor Design Styles

Morgan and I just signed a lease on a new apartment! We could not be more excited about the place and are getting an incredible value for our money. There is more than enough space for the two of us, and many charming features such as an angular living room, a fire place, and a walk in closet!

However, the apartment is currently all one color – carpet and walls and all. If you have been following along with us you no doubt realize that we both love loud patterns and prints and bold colors! So, we have started thinking about how to decorate and furnish our place. While we browse around in stores and on Pinterest for ideas and are always finding things we like, it takes a little bit of work to make it all cohesive. With decor, there are so many different directions to go with! It sort of feels necessary to pick a direction or a theme, but we just can’t decide which way to go. We were jokingly wishing we had a mansion so we could dedicate each room to a different style! While we are dreaming here, below are some images of different themes or aesthetics that we are inspired by.

Cozy Warmth: The above look is a very cozy, warm feeling room. Yellow obviously is as warm as you can go in terms of a color palate. Chunky knit throws are physically warm and add instant coziness to a bed or couch. The plants and mix of patterns also create a homey, warm feel to it. A touch of whimsy with the wall hangings finishes it off beautifully.

Minimalistic Monochrome: Minimalism has been a buzz word in creative industries for quite a while now. This aesthetic definitely has its advantages. When working without color, you don’t have to worry much about all your different pieces flowing together and matching. Obviously minimalism can be a very budget oriented way to go. It makes a room feel pure and clean, like a sanctuary.

Rustic Refurbishment: Like minimalism, a rustic, refurbished vibe can also be cost effective. If you have a good flair for garage sale furniture and DIY projects, you can easily make very little into unique statement pieces. Think straight off the floor set at Anthropologie.

Retro: Between the color palate, the large graphic nature of the prints, walls, and textiles, as well as the silhouettes of the furniture, everything about this room just screams retro. This one is probably the most difficult to pull off without feeling too forced or as if it has gone overboard. An entire retro-themed household would be too much. However, when done right and in small amounts it creates a definite wow-factor for a room.

Modern: The opposite of Retro would of course be Modern! Uptown luxe and sophistication prevail in this living area set. It is the geometry, the lack of height, and the abundance of glass that help get the look in this case.

What is your design aesthetic? Which of the photos do you feel like fits you best and why?

From August to Autumn

From August to Autumn: a reader Question & Answer post about how to transition your fashion from summer to fall, particularly in terms of colors, without spending a fortune.

It is the end of August. Retailers have fully embraced the fall season with most of their fall merchandise now in store. Here at Le Coeur De La Vie, we are loving browsing the infamous September issues of all our favorite fashion magazines out on newsstands now. Yes, it is safe to say Autumn has arrived in the fashion world….

Meanwhile, in the real world, most of us are not quite ready to give up on sunny days, backyard barbecues, and all our brightly colored tops and fun skirts, resigning them to the back of the closet while winter takes over. Recently, Lauren of Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up requested our fashion advice on how to transition from summer to fall:

Great question! We love hearing from our readers and being able to help them out. If you have any questions you are wondering about, definitely reach out to us and submit them to us in a comment below, or via Facebook and Twitter. Le Coeur De La Vie is all about being relatable and approachable, and your queries will help us with this.

As for the answer, let us start with our most trusted resource when it comes to color forecasting: Pantone. What Pantone predicts is what florists, interior and fashion designers, and other consumer driven visual industries will include in their product lineups. Here’s a look at the color palate for Fall/Winter 2012-2013:

A few things to note:

This fall is uncharacteristically bright. If you already have bold colors such as teal, pink, and yellow from summer, they are definitely still relevant for fall. All you have to do to create a cooler-weather look with them is pull out some of the neutrals such as Titanium grey or French Roast brown and layer into a fall silhouette using cardigans, tights, and boots. Investing in classic colors and staple items like these will give you a great base to start any fall and winter season with.

If you are more of the opposite, and have the staples but not the fashionable pop colors in your wardrobe, we understand you may not want to fully commit to purchasing these colors. Whenever we are wary about hefty spending on trends which may or may not have longevity, we take a look at accessory and makeup offerings. Nail polish is a great choice, or, try updating your look for fall by wearing a Pink Flambe or Tangerine Tango lipstick – for pink we recommend NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Funny Face, and for orange, Tom Ford’s Wild Ginger. Pop color scarves are inexpensive but update your look instantly. If it is still too warm where you are to wrap around your neck, tie it onto your handbag. Charlotte says:

Hues like Rhapsody and Rose Smoke are carryover colors from Spring 2012, which was ALL about pretty pastels. If you chose wisely with your spring purchases, you can continue to wear them this fall. While forecasters and retailers like to dictate what is going on in the industry, they are also highly aware that they have to play to what consumers want. With all the recession talk, it seems these days, consumers are a lot more savvy and a lot less spendy than they have been in the past. They desire to wear fashionable outfits for several seasons without having to purchase new clothing. So, before you shop, do your research and find out what is going to be around for a while and what is not. This way you know you are making a sensible investment.

We’ll help you out: Spring 2013’s color palate is not widely being broadcast, but we are definitely placing our best bets on close versions of Pink Flambe, Olympian Blue, and Honey Gold to be seen.

Shop PRINTS! Morgan and Charlotte are both huge fans of gorgeous prints. One of their great selling points is that you can find a pattern with the season’s fashionable colors worked in to it, but it is not as loud and in your face as wearing an entire dress made of Bright Chartreuse. Because the print so much less obvious, you can get away with wearing it longer even after the season is over.