Piperlime Fall Sale Round-up: Morgan’s Wishlist

Piperlime.com, is my (Morgan’s) favorite online retailer. I purchased my first item from Piperlime.com my sophomore year in high school and the website has only gotten better in the years since. From now until October 20th they are having a great sale, 30% off a selection of fall items. If my shopping budget was endless I would love to purchase so many of the pieces. Since I can’t purchase anything, I created a round-up of my favorite items for you to enjoy! If you have some extra shopping money this month head over to Piperlime.com and check out the sale for yourself!

[Items listed below are listed from left to right and top to bottom]

MICHAEL Michael Kors Persian Leopard Print Dress – Sale Price $99.50 Lucky Brand Stone Set Ring – Sale Price $27.50  Ark & Co. Winter Red Blazer – Sale Price $59.50  Hive & Honey Cowl Poncho – Sale Price $54.50 Ivanka Trump CeCe Flat – Sale Price $99.50 Genetic Denim Shane Faux-Front Cigarette Jean – Sale Price $219.50 Rhyme & Echo Paris Peplum Mini – Sale Price $38.50 Heart Soul Cambria Boot – Sale Price $59.50

Check out Piperlime’s sale for yourself & let us know your fall must-haves!

Wednesday Wisdom 10.3.12

Yesterday we brought you a post a little more serious in its wisdom. However, as usual with our Wednesday Wisdom today we are keeping it much more light-hearted with our weekly advice for what to do and avoid.

Is it really October already? √DO enjoy the flavors of the season. Our personal favorite is the pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Throughout recent weeks we have found ourselves developing strange justifications just to get our hands on one of these muffins. The most legitimate is probably when Charlotte decided that if she was going to be drug along to line dancing, she should probably eat a muffin first, because it would make her happier and and in a better mood to accept country. (The muffin was great and she still hates country, so mission accomplished). X DO NOT live in Southern California if FALL is your favorite season. We are stuck in the 90s here and getting sort of mad about it. And by sort of, I mean drastically. Morgan is yelling up a storm about being in heat (as usual, as you can see in this photo below from us in Paris last summer. Maybe the story about this will be coming soon, if she lets me…) Charlotte keeps wasting money buying sweaters that she will never wear when in reality she needs to expand other areas of her wardrobe, namely how it includes zero pairs of shorts and only one bathing suit.

√DO be a wonderfully awesome friend and use your job perks to score your BFF an awesome Manduka yoga mat! X DO NOT store your new yoga mat rolled up at the end of your bed when you are going to be rushing around in the dark late to work at 5:00 AM unless you want to trip over it go flailing across the room in the dark, attempting to be as quiet as possible in your thrashing and crashing as to not wake up the rest of the house. Oops. Why is it that two of Charlotte’s consecutive WWs involve falling down? X DO NOT use your old cheap yoga mat as a seat cover before you put your entire life in your car and drive it down to California. It will end up all warped, dented, and scraped, and possibly with some orange nail polish stains on it. When you are a newbie Yogi, bringing a mat like this to a yoga class would be highly embarrassing…

X DO NOT smoke inside a mall. This is neither Europe, nor a time several decades previous in life where smoking inside buildings would be somewhat acceptable. In fact, really just X DO NOT smoke in general. Yuck-o!

Sweater Weather

Over the weekend, Morgan and I were out doing a little vintage exploring and thrifting (stay tuned for a full post about our adventures coming soon!) As we were walking around in LA’s 90+ degree heat on what was technically the first day of autumn, I found myself a little sad. In my mind, the first day of fall is supposed to include hot coffee, slouchy sweaters, tall boots, and fireside snuggles. However, I could hardly bear the heat in my sleeveless maxi dress, let alone even think about wearing a sweater. Knitwear is my favorite garment group and I used to and I love nothing more than Seattle winters where I could layer up in knit vests, cardigans, chunky-knit sweaters, sweater dresses, etc. But my Seattle sweaters have been stored away in a back shelf in favor of more weather-appropriate outfits now that I am a SoCal girl. I am also attempting to refrain from purchasing all the lovely knits I see in stores, so instead I have just rounded up some of my favorites across all different categories to blog about. Enjoy!

1. Mango Cashmere and Silk Cardigan – $80   2. Tory Burch Brady Cardigan – $250   3. Crumpet Colour Block Cardi in Black/Cartoon – $230

A button-up cardigan is an essential basic for any wardrobe. Having a few in classic colors are incredibly versatile, ensuring that you always have a layering piece for any outfit you put on. Cardigans in brighter, fashion colors are a great way to dress up your basic t-shirts and tank tops. An item like this is worn so often in so many ways that it is definitely worth its cost per wear.

1. Michael Kors Open Front Cardigan – $121   2. Merona Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Open Cardigan Sweater – $25   3. Honey/Emerald Contrast Knit Cape by MISSONI – $740

Draped open sweaters work well thrown over just about anything, whether it is a dress, leggings, or skinny jeans. When styled well with a good pair of boots they can add instant glamour but in an absolutely easy way. Not to mention they are comfortable and quick on those days where you just do not feel like putting any effort into your outfit.

1. Calypso St. Barth Gloria Pullover Sweater – $179   2. Alexander Wang Merino Cropped Pullover – $450   3. Cotton Blend Sweater with Pocket – $29

Flirty and feminine, a cozy pullover is a great way to carryover your maxi dresses into fall. Layer on top of dresses and skirts, or wear with jeans and heels. Again, knitwear is a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe this fall, and pullovers are no different than cardigans!

What are your thoughts on sweaters and how to wear them? Got any fall favorites in the knitwear category? Please share!

Mixing Neutrals: Wearing Black with Brown

Hasn’t it always seemed in the past that no one would ever recommend wearing the colors brown and black in the same ensemble? We always grew up with people telling us not to mix the two, but now, it’s almost like they go hand-in-hand come fall and winter. There are so many ways to wear black and brown together correctly that it’s hard to pass up the opportunity these days! Here’s a few tips on how to wear black with brown in the coming season.

Black pants or leggings with a pair of brown boots is a simple, but stunning option. This is something the two of us personally wear quite often. Remember, we’re Seattle girls and we LOVE boots, and you don’t always want to be wearing black boots and black pants. The following ensemble incorporates three neutrals creating a beautiful warm outfit for fall and winter. The trick is balancing the brown and black and letting them both be equal players so it doesn’t look like one was a mistake!

Photo Credit

Not cool enough yet in your part of the world for boots, pants, and a coat? We know it sure isn’t time for all those layers yet in Southern California! Another option for mixing black and brown is in prints, like the below dress by Diane von Furstenberg. Again, keep the two colors as equal players, and balance them out with another color or another neutral so both the brown and black ‘pop’.

Photo Credit

Another great way to mix and match black and brown is by mixing leather jackets and fur. The juxtaposition of the two is beautiful as the brown furs compliment black leather nicely, or vice versa. Use the below photo as inspiration for incorporating gold jewelry into black and brown looks as gold compliments the black and brown color combo better than silver.

Photo Credit

After all that are you still unsure how to incorporate the two colors into one look successful? Start small… incorporate leopard print which combines black and brown together for you. Use something this easy as a stepping stone into creating beautiful combinations of black and brown into your wardrobe for fall.

Photo Credit

Do you have a suggestion as to how you like to wear black with brown? Share your ideas with us!

Wednesday Wisdom 8.29.12

Wednesday is back and for Char & Morg it means just one day until they are reunited… and with the day off Friday for a friend’s wedding, it means a shorter work week for both of them as well! Whatever your Wednesday looks like today, take a few minutes to enjoy today’s post and may it bring a little extra joy to the middle of your week.

√ DO Have a dog named Cooper. One interesting fact about Morgan & Charlotte is that they both have dogs named Cooper. Charlotte’s Cooper is a fun loving Chocolate Lab that her family has had for a few years, while Morgan’s Cooper is a Siberian Husky who she adopted a few months ago (and he came with the name!). We love dogs & the companionship they bring to our lives, and on Friday Morgan will be waking up to Chocolate Lab Cooper while in WA, while Charlotte will be spending more time with Husky Cooper after she makes her move down to Cali this week. X DO NOT go to the dog beach if you are high-strung, stressed, can’t-handle-fun individual, or have a stupid dog. If you fall in one of these categories and decide you should go to the dog beach X DO NOT try to tell me my dog nearly drowned and killed your dog or kick at my dog/splash water in his face. Also, when I kindly try to talk to you and your chihuahua X DO NOT scream back that my dog nearly knocked over your sister-in-law. If you don’t want other dogs to play with your dog, stay at home & keep your dog in your backyard. Personally I thought that was common sense.

X DO NOT wear rainbow socks with your Vans & shorts. It made me uncomfortable while standing there waiting to fill my car up with gas. What also made me uncomfortable is that every time I was about to snap a picture while pumping my gas this individual would look back at me & stare. I guess I need to figure out how to be a little more sly with my photo taking. √ DO begin to layer socks & tights with shorts and mini skirts for fall. While it’s still very warm as we transition into fall, don’t start layering up with bulky sweaters and jackets and pants quite yet. Adjust the thickness of your tights and lengths of your socks to modify this look to be perfect for whatever your climate may be this coming month.


What have your X DO and your X DO NOT moments been this week? Leave us a comment below!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.24.12

1. Goodness. Has anyone else had an extremely exhausting week? We sure have. Beside that, the two of us could sleep all the time, and there are many days lately where we think about being in bed a lot throughout the day, and cherish any moment when we get some time to rest!

2. Someone found Le Coeur De La Vie by typing ‘Camel Toe’ into Google and Charlotte immediately shared it with me. I felt like a proud parent – we write about such important topics…. including camel toes. I also LOLed at work when I read this text, which is always awkward.

3. Every morning I want to put on a cute, covered up, layered outfit… but it’s still summer (and so stinkin’ hot)! So, even though its 90+ degrees outside, I’m stuck on looking for fall & winter fashion inspiration. I’m ready to ditch the tank tops I’m wearing everyday, and cover up in these cozy outfits for later in the year. I LOVE the pop of the wedges against the solid black ensemble!

4. LET IT BE. Sometimes this can be the biggest inspiration we need. I sure needed to remind myself of that many times this week.

Click here if you missed last week’s FFF!

Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please do!

From August to Autumn

From August to Autumn: a reader Question & Answer post about how to transition your fashion from summer to fall, particularly in terms of colors, without spending a fortune.

It is the end of August. Retailers have fully embraced the fall season with most of their fall merchandise now in store. Here at Le Coeur De La Vie, we are loving browsing the infamous September issues of all our favorite fashion magazines out on newsstands now. Yes, it is safe to say Autumn has arrived in the fashion world….

Meanwhile, in the real world, most of us are not quite ready to give up on sunny days, backyard barbecues, and all our brightly colored tops and fun skirts, resigning them to the back of the closet while winter takes over. Recently, Lauren of Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up requested our fashion advice on how to transition from summer to fall:

Great question! We love hearing from our readers and being able to help them out. If you have any questions you are wondering about, definitely reach out to us and submit them to us in a comment below, or via Facebook and Twitter. Le Coeur De La Vie is all about being relatable and approachable, and your queries will help us with this.

As for the answer, let us start with our most trusted resource when it comes to color forecasting: Pantone. What Pantone predicts is what florists, interior and fashion designers, and other consumer driven visual industries will include in their product lineups. Here’s a look at the color palate for Fall/Winter 2012-2013:

A few things to note:

This fall is uncharacteristically bright. If you already have bold colors such as teal, pink, and yellow from summer, they are definitely still relevant for fall. All you have to do to create a cooler-weather look with them is pull out some of the neutrals such as Titanium grey or French Roast brown and layer into a fall silhouette using cardigans, tights, and boots. Investing in classic colors and staple items like these will give you a great base to start any fall and winter season with.

If you are more of the opposite, and have the staples but not the fashionable pop colors in your wardrobe, we understand you may not want to fully commit to purchasing these colors. Whenever we are wary about hefty spending on trends which may or may not have longevity, we take a look at accessory and makeup offerings. Nail polish is a great choice, or, try updating your look for fall by wearing a Pink Flambe or Tangerine Tango lipstick – for pink we recommend NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Funny Face, and for orange, Tom Ford’s Wild Ginger. Pop color scarves are inexpensive but update your look instantly. If it is still too warm where you are to wrap around your neck, tie it onto your handbag. Charlotte says:

Hues like Rhapsody and Rose Smoke are carryover colors from Spring 2012, which was ALL about pretty pastels. If you chose wisely with your spring purchases, you can continue to wear them this fall. While forecasters and retailers like to dictate what is going on in the industry, they are also highly aware that they have to play to what consumers want. With all the recession talk, it seems these days, consumers are a lot more savvy and a lot less spendy than they have been in the past. They desire to wear fashionable outfits for several seasons without having to purchase new clothing. So, before you shop, do your research and find out what is going to be around for a while and what is not. This way you know you are making a sensible investment.

We’ll help you out: Spring 2013’s color palate is not widely being broadcast, but we are definitely placing our best bets on close versions of Pink Flambe, Olympian Blue, and Honey Gold to be seen.

Shop PRINTS! Morgan and Charlotte are both huge fans of gorgeous prints. One of their great selling points is that you can find a pattern with the season’s fashionable colors worked in to it, but it is not as loud and in your face as wearing an entire dress made of Bright Chartreuse. Because the print so much less obvious, you can get away with wearing it longer even after the season is over.