Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.26

As a tribute to Halloween, which happens to be both Morgan and Charlotte’s least favorite holiday, we have everything orange for you on today’s Friday’s Featured Favorites. Whether it is inspiring photos, decor, or apparel products, here’s what we are loving for the week.


Meet the Stylist by Darling Magazine

Today’s post is an excerpt called Meet the Stylist courtesy of Darling Magazine: The Art of Being a Woman. Find the link to the actual article HERE. Morgan’s sister-in-law Lauren at PearlsPoppiesPinkiesUp clued us in to this article which we feel like totally sums up a little slice of our le coeur de la vie – or maybe le coeur de la mode? Is that proper French? We wouldn’t know…Anyway, we are sharing in hopes that you will find it as true and inspiring as we do! Enjoy.

(Please note, none of the below content is claimed by Le Coeur De La Vie. All credit to DARLING MAGAZINE). 

Meet The Stylist

OCTOBER 8, 2012 BY 

Continued from the series, Meet the Personas…

Personality is design in spirit form. Design is personality in tangible form. The way you present your personality to the world creates a certain predictability that makes people say, “Oh, that’s so you.”

Style is set apart from time. It permeates not only the clothes you wear, but also the expression of culture through architecture and interior design. It is demonstrated through color, texture, shape and line, applied to anything our society aesthetically appreciates.

The Stylist believes it’s all about dressing for your body, not for someone else’s body. She knows that most women are constantly critiquing their appearance, wishing for a change here or there. But instead of fueling that fire, she advises on healthy perceptions or body type and shape, encouraging love for what you’ve been given. She also will tell you to go with your own ideal of “stylish”—even if it goes against the tide—feeling free to wear your favorite colors, shapes and silhouettes to enhance your own personal beauty.

You’ve had that friend who shows up wearing the “coolest” possible combination of fabrics, prints, colors and shapes you’ve ever seen. And it seems effortless. The Stylist wants to help every woman come into her own style and feel confident rocking it. She wants to place more value on personal style versus trends, and believes in shopping on a budget in order to afford to go out in the outfit you bought—staying away from buying things that cost more than your rent. She wants to rid you of the guilty feelings associated with living outside of your means in order to “keep up.”

A woman who claims and embraces her own style is way more interesting than someone who hides behind cultural expectations out of fear of being judged. The Stylist invites you to come fully into who you are—a walking work of art—becoming a stylist in your own closet, a designer in your own home, and a tourist in your own city, appreciating design all around you.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brown, Blue, and The Rockies

I (Morgan) just spent a week in Estes Park, Colorado, surrounded by vast mountain ranges and bright blue skies. The beauty of it all was so refreshing, and coming back to Los Angeles’ smoggy skies is always difficult after a breath of fresh air like in Estes. If it hadn’t been so cold, and I hadn’t been working the whole time I was there, I would have spent more time outside taking in the beauty of it all. The color pallet of the blue skies and the brown earth inspired me to search for some various combinations of brown and blue. Below you can find a round-up of my ‘Brown and Blue’ findings. Enjoy!

The Brown and Blue Bed

Well dressed man in Brown and Blue

Women’s Street Style Brown and Blue

Brown and Blue Art

What are your thoughts on brown and blue combinations? Do you have any of your favorite brown and blue combos to share with us here?! Please do!

Free People October

Each month the release of the Free People catalog is something to look forward to as we covet the entire merchandise selection and feel inspired and uplifted by their fun videos and the reasons behind their looks.This month, Free People pulled inspiration from French femmes Lou Dillon, Garance Dore, as well as Dree Hemmingway. These iconic women are favorites of ours as well, so we wanted to share some of the gorgeous shots with you!

Pumped Up Kicks: The Wedge Sneaker Trend

While we were in Paris last summer, one trend we saw just beginning to take off in Europe was what we are calling “pumped up kicks.” High tops and high fashion combine as designers and retailers develop a variety of stylish sneakers with wedge heels. Of course, the sneaks are on the streets here in the United States now, coming around in the year-later time frame that Europe to America styles so often do. Street Style Spotting: Fit fashionistas sporting sneakers (puns intended). Photo Source.

Why sneakers as a trend? For starters, one of the clearest trends on last spring’s runways was athletic inspired outfits. The time is right now for it to have trickled from runway to ready to wear and down to mass fashion. The recent Summer Olympics definitely helped inspire a worldwide adoption of this hot look. Not to mention these pumped up kicks are incredibly comfortable – a nice break from stilettos or flats with far less support. Below are some of our favorite looks for a retail roundup.

Left to right; top to bottom: 1. Y-3 Multi Aria Lace Up Trainers – $146   2. Isabel Marant Betty Leather and Suede Wedge Sneakers – $665   3. Ash Cool Cobalt Sneaker Wedges – $260   4. N.Y.L.A. Women’s Penthea Fashion Sneaker – $70   5. GREEN Bare Feet Shoes Nature Breeze CHATILLY Two-Tone Sneaker Wedge Booties – $35   6. ASOS DENY Wedge High Top Sneakers – $63   7. Steve Madden Women’s Hilight Fashion Sneaker – $150   8. ASOS DENY Wedge High Top Sneakers – $63

Got any styling suggestions for us on how to wear wedge sneakers? We would love to know!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.28.12

1. Flamingo matches? Why not? Charlotte has a fixation with the animal and when she saw these she loved them.

2. Thursday morning both of us were just dragging and having so much trouble waking up and getting to work. Our wish was that somehow this joke would actually come true, but unfortunately it did not.

3. Some conversations in the last week have led us to remembering that so much of life is about becoming a better person and figuring out what good you can do in the world each day.

4. What could be better than Ellen tweeting textile jokes?

5. Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion”  has sort of become a theme song for all of our friends! It seems like everywhere we go we are singing it, even though a few months ago Morgan had never even heard of Ziggy! Charlotte had to introduce her to this song.

6. These matching sailor stripe outfits remind us of earlier this week. We were headed out, and met up in the living room accidentally wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. Even though Morgan decided to change her look, this photo shows that being twins can be chic and fun!

Street Style Inspiration: Knitwear

Earlier this week we blogged about one of our favorite seasonal styles: knitwear. If you missed “Sweater Weather” be sure to check it out! As a follow-up today, let yourself be inspired by some of these fabulous street style shots focused on sweaters of all kinds.

Print blocking: fair isle and cheshire cat stripes with this Hugo Boss sweater paired with Valentino heels. Photo source.

Layering two knits together and accessorizing with socks and sandals and a great hat provides a hobo-chic look. Photo source.

Fur, fringe, and fine gauge: loving the texture juxtaposition here, with just a pop of color in last fall’s popular Celine clutch. Photo source.

Knits are not always the first thing you think to belt in an outfit, but with the skinny leg silhouette and short skirt this ensemble definitely works. Photo source.

Which look is your favorite? How are you wearing knitwear this season?

Wednesday Wisdom 9.26.12

It’s another hump day & we’re hoping it goes by quickly so we’re one day closer to the weekend! I mean, how is it ONLY Wednesday?! Enjoy the below tidbits of knowledge we have to share with you today for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom!

√ DO purchase a pair of killer Dylan George black leggings with leather down the inner seam while shopping La Brea Avenue on Sunday afternoon. X DO NOT try to show off how bad ass you are to your father unless you want to hear “you look like you should ride a horse… I mean, you look so equestrian. I guess you better add one of those horse riding helmets to your outfit.” Thanks dad, I was feeling so cool until you mentioned that helmet.

Excuse me sir at Starbucks, X DO NOT wear a purple shirt, a pair of purple ombre pants, and purple shoes. One, of all colors, did it have to be purple? And two, it’s just TOO much. √ DO play with mixing color. Have fun mixing prints and colors to create eye catching ensembles. Try mixing and matching some pieces in your wardrobe you wouldn’t normally wear together & see what you come up with!

√ DO both take the time to have great conversations with your brothers this week (coincidentally both named Connor). With one being in Oregon and the other in Buenos Aires, it’s nice for us big sisters to talk with our younger brothers and catch up on life!

Have you seen any X DO NOT moments out and about that we need to know of? What √DO examples have inspired you lately?

Sweater Weather

Over the weekend, Morgan and I were out doing a little vintage exploring and thrifting (stay tuned for a full post about our adventures coming soon!) As we were walking around in LA’s 90+ degree heat on what was technically the first day of autumn, I found myself a little sad. In my mind, the first day of fall is supposed to include hot coffee, slouchy sweaters, tall boots, and fireside snuggles. However, I could hardly bear the heat in my sleeveless maxi dress, let alone even think about wearing a sweater. Knitwear is my favorite garment group and I used to and I love nothing more than Seattle winters where I could layer up in knit vests, cardigans, chunky-knit sweaters, sweater dresses, etc. But my Seattle sweaters have been stored away in a back shelf in favor of more weather-appropriate outfits now that I am a SoCal girl. I am also attempting to refrain from purchasing all the lovely knits I see in stores, so instead I have just rounded up some of my favorites across all different categories to blog about. Enjoy!

1. Mango Cashmere and Silk Cardigan – $80   2. Tory Burch Brady Cardigan – $250   3. Crumpet Colour Block Cardi in Black/Cartoon – $230

A button-up cardigan is an essential basic for any wardrobe. Having a few in classic colors are incredibly versatile, ensuring that you always have a layering piece for any outfit you put on. Cardigans in brighter, fashion colors are a great way to dress up your basic t-shirts and tank tops. An item like this is worn so often in so many ways that it is definitely worth its cost per wear.

1. Michael Kors Open Front Cardigan – $121   2. Merona Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Open Cardigan Sweater – $25   3. Honey/Emerald Contrast Knit Cape by MISSONI – $740

Draped open sweaters work well thrown over just about anything, whether it is a dress, leggings, or skinny jeans. When styled well with a good pair of boots they can add instant glamour but in an absolutely easy way. Not to mention they are comfortable and quick on those days where you just do not feel like putting any effort into your outfit.

1. Calypso St. Barth Gloria Pullover Sweater – $179   2. Alexander Wang Merino Cropped Pullover – $450   3. Cotton Blend Sweater with Pocket – $29

Flirty and feminine, a cozy pullover is a great way to carryover your maxi dresses into fall. Layer on top of dresses and skirts, or wear with jeans and heels. Again, knitwear is a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe this fall, and pullovers are no different than cardigans!

What are your thoughts on sweaters and how to wear them? Got any fall favorites in the knitwear category? Please share!

Loud From London

London Fashion Week roars to a start with a handful of shows all boldly bringing their spring season’s best. It’s as if everyone decided to go a la Betsey Johnson this season. Bright colors clash together and meet larger than life prints for head-to-toe looks that scream personality. Though considering both fashion and history repeat themselves, we should not expect anything less from Moschino or Issa. More aspirational than approachable, we are not quite sure who will be rocking these looks come spring. All in all, it is safe to say that across the pond, minimalism is definitely not the new black.

Flora and fauna; tropicalia at Issa.

 Mixed media; prints and pineapples at Moschino Cheap and Chic.

Graphics prints from small to large at House of Holland.