Brown, Blue, and The Rockies

I (Morgan) just spent a week in Estes Park, Colorado, surrounded by vast mountain ranges and bright blue skies. The beauty of it all was so refreshing, and coming back to Los Angeles’ smoggy skies is always difficult after a breath of fresh air like in Estes. If it hadn’t been so cold, and I hadn’t been working the whole time I was there, I would have spent more time outside taking in the beauty of it all. The color pallet of the blue skies and the brown earth inspired me to search for some various combinations of brown and blue. Below you can find a round-up of my ‘Brown and Blue’ findings. Enjoy!

The Brown and Blue Bed

Well dressed man in Brown and Blue

Women’s Street Style Brown and Blue

Brown and Blue Art

What are your thoughts on brown and blue combinations? Do you have any of your favorite brown and blue combos to share with us here?! Please do!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.5.12

1. These pants from Zara rock. Morgan has a huge thing for pants (Charlotte is more into dresses and skirts) and absolutely loves all the printed skinnies that are out there right now.

2. Don’t let anything keep you down, but instead know that you are strong enough to overcome anything that comes your way. No person, job, or experience should ever stop you from being the person that you want to be.

3. UGallery is selling this piece titled Elated by Christine Soccio and I absolutely love it. The movement and the bright colors are absolutely stunning.

Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.28.12

1. Flamingo matches? Why not? Charlotte has a fixation with the animal and when she saw these she loved them.

2. Thursday morning both of us were just dragging and having so much trouble waking up and getting to work. Our wish was that somehow this joke would actually come true, but unfortunately it did not.

3. Some conversations in the last week have led us to remembering that so much of life is about becoming a better person and figuring out what good you can do in the world each day.

4. What could be better than Ellen tweeting textile jokes?

5. Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion”  has sort of become a theme song for all of our friends! It seems like everywhere we go we are singing it, even though a few months ago Morgan had never even heard of Ziggy! Charlotte had to introduce her to this song.

6. These matching sailor stripe outfits remind us of earlier this week. We were headed out, and met up in the living room accidentally wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. Even though Morgan decided to change her look, this photo shows that being twins can be chic and fun!

Street Style Inspiration: Knitwear

Earlier this week we blogged about one of our favorite seasonal styles: knitwear. If you missed “Sweater Weather” be sure to check it out! As a follow-up today, let yourself be inspired by some of these fabulous street style shots focused on sweaters of all kinds.

Print blocking: fair isle and cheshire cat stripes with this Hugo Boss sweater paired with Valentino heels. Photo source.

Layering two knits together and accessorizing with socks and sandals and a great hat provides a hobo-chic look. Photo source.

Fur, fringe, and fine gauge: loving the texture juxtaposition here, with just a pop of color in last fall’s popular Celine clutch. Photo source.

Knits are not always the first thing you think to belt in an outfit, but with the skinny leg silhouette and short skirt this ensemble definitely works. Photo source.

Which look is your favorite? How are you wearing knitwear this season?

Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.6.12

1. Jonathan Fuller wins ‘favorite artist of the week’ today in my book. He collects pieces of seaglass all around the world and creates beautiful sculpted pieces of art by layering the pieces into simple shapes. I absolutely love it and the above piece is my personal favorite from the collection. Browse his website here.

2.  Sometimes I dream of a cozy home with bookshelves that look like this. So many other great home ideas can be found here.

3. This is so true. It took me far too long to figure this one out.

4 Of course we all love The Sartorialist, but today I found a blog of a fashion photographer who is out on the streets of Los Angeles, The Streetgeist. Love the vibe of the blog & love knowing all these fashionable people photographed for the blog are so close to home!

5. Hot pink and black & white chevron are two of my favorite things right now. These nails are rockin’. Check out more nail polish ideas here.

6. Just thinking about all the music we danced the night away to at the wedding we went to on Friday and this e-card made me smirk.

Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please share because we’d love to hear your faves!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.31.12

1. This very true and endearing quote by Roald Dahl is this week’s quote. Give it a go today! After all, it should be easy on a FRIDAY to be thinking lovely, sunbeam-y thoughts!

2. Today, our good friend Breanne marries the man of her dreams, Andy. We are always inspired by the wonderful love that two people who are really destined to be together share, and couldn’t be happier to be celebrating their special day with them! Cheers and best wishes to the happy couple!

3. Tweets from Harry and Peter Brant never cease to crack us up. We like to think our humor is on par with them, and that Le Coeur De La Vie is sort of the love child of the Brant Brothers and the Man Repeller, only sadly significantly less famous. If you aren’t already following our Twitter account for many of our own personal Tweets of the Week, visit @LeCoeur_DeLaVie.

4. Who knew Goo Gone was such a magical chemical concoction? Recently while moving out of her Seattle house, Charlotte and her housemates discovered a disastrous scenario, which was that some green sticky tack they had used to hang bulletin boards had melted into a congealed gummy sort of mess all over the wall, and was impossible to get off without taking off the paint and/or wall itself…UNTIL GOO GONE! Our featured friend Breanne had the genius idea, having used Goo Gone previously to erase nail polish from carpet. That is a hot tip for sure!

5. Stars is one of Charlotte’s top favorite bands, and in just a few short days they will be releasing their sixth studio album. Charlotte has of course been listening to it nonstop all week. The first half of the album is completely solid, although the track “Do You Want To Die Together?” could be done without, and half of the second half of the album is a bit forgettable. However, it is awfully hard to top the releases they have put out in previous years, and Charlotte would probably love anything the band did. Take a listen if you please!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.17.12

1. This week, Charlotte has been deciphering the new Yeasayer album. Their previous release, Odd Blood, is an incredibly happy, upbeat, danceable piece of work. However, Fragrant World takes a turn towards an unexpectedly darker sound. The jury is still out on a final review, but if you are only going to listen to one song, “Reagan’s Skeleton” is definitely the one.

2. butterLONDON – hands down the best nail polish (ha ha, hands down…get it?) It glides on smooth and neat – literally like  spreading butter. Also, it dries quickly, and is completely chemical free/non-toxic. The range of fun colors have equally fun names – seen here from the summer line are  “Bossy Boots,” “Knackered,”  “Disco Biscuit,” “Slapper” & “Trout Pout.”

3. On Wednesday Wisdom this week Morgan touched on how sometimes you need to let go of your fears and live in the moment! Thus, this inspirational quote seemed appropriate.

4. Anyone in Seattle looking for a Saturday night plan should check out RAW’s “Radiate” art show. RAW is an independent arts organization that showcases up and coming artists across a variety of disciplines – fashion design, film, photography, music, hair & makeup, modeling, poetry, and more. Local designer Tina at Glamspoon was wonderful enough to comp Charlotte & Morgan tickets but unfortunately neither of us will be in Seattle! If you are and happen to check it out be sure to let us know how it goes.

Le Coeur De La Vie In 50 Words: Part II

Le Coeur De La Vie to Morgan in 50 Words:

Live your life for the things you believe in and never be willing to lose sight of your dreams. Cherish each moment like its a once in a life time opportunity, filling your life with experiences and opportunities that make you the best you you could ever imagine to be.

Charlotte passed on the challenge to sum up the heart of life in 50 words to me after writing her own. It took quite some time to think about what I’d want to say to someone in 50 words, but the above is what I find to be so important to remind myself in my own life. Take the time this week to think about how you would share your own ‘Le Coeur De La Vie’ with others in 50 words and share it with us here! And in case you missed the beautiful poetic words Charlotte shared last week, take a look at her post here: Le Coeur De La Vie In 50 Words.

What would your 50 words be?

Le Coeur De La Vie In 50 Words

Le Coeur De La Vie to Charlotte in 50 Words:

Life must be regarded as an unending treasure hunt to discover and live what is truly beautiful. Beauty is discovered in nature’s poetic simplicity and a peaceful inner awareness. Beauty is lived through constantly devouring new knowledge and experiences, as well as loving and encouraging the best interest of others.

A great friend of Charlotte’s once asked her if she had 50 words to share with the world as a sort of lasting legacy; the most important thing she had ever said, what 50 words would they be? As a total word nerd who loves to write, Charlotte saw it as a cool challenge to undertake. We thought it fit in so well with our blog, because when you narrow your worldview down to 50 words, what results is completely your own sort of ‘Le Coeur De La Vie’ – what the heart of life is and means to you. We thought we would share to give you a little inspiration and contemplation for today. Stay tuned for Morgan’s words coming next week, and, if you feel so inclined, share yours with us in the comments below.

What would your 50 words be?