Back in Action

Hello to our followers and fans!

We have not forgotten you – that is a promise!

Rather, the past two or three weeks for both Char and Morg have been excruciatingly hectic. We are both in what is some of the busiest time of the year at our respective jobs, and we also just moved which is always so exhausting and time consuming. However, now that the new place is (somewhat) settled and we (finally) have wireless internet in it, please expect new and exciting posts as we resume our blogging gradually over the next few days into week or so.

As we ease back into it, we thought we would share with you a few laughs from our adventures in moving. Most notable was the purchase of a refrigerator.

Sometimes, being an adult is not so stylish. When really we would love to be purchasing jeans and jackets and shoes, we must make the choice to be grown ups and instead spend our hard-earned dollars on a fridge. Doesn’t that feel so adult? Buying large home appliances? Urghhh. We thought so too.

Anyway, we adventured off to the Sears outlet store to find a cosmetically damaged but functioning fridge. Along the way we encountered some mistakes, so we wanted to share for other prospective fridge owners. Do not be vulnerable to the same errors we encountered! You have been warned!

Mistake #1 was forgetting a measuring tape. If you haven’t already read the re-telling of this tale on our Wednesday Wisdom, here it is again:

“Can this one fit in that nook?” asked Morgan?

“I do not know, but I can find out,” replied Charlotte, who then proceeded to hug the fridge, approximating in her head that she could hug just about as much space in the kitchen, and therefore the fridge would fit.

While Morgan thought this was a very strange and embarrassing thing to do, Charlotte figured it could have been much worse. For example, she did not check to see if the refrigerator had a heartbeat like this other redhead did.

Moving onto Mistake #2. Our great pals Josh and Garrett came to pick up the fridge from the around the back pick-up area of Sears. They are so capable and wonderful that we really should have just left them to it. However, we decided to just pop around the back to investigate that everything was going along nicely. You know, that the fridge still had a beating heart and had not gone jumping out of the truck or dropped off a forklift or anything. What we unsuspectingly ran into was a RABID SKUNK LAIR. While screaming and freaking out about this sighting, we were then accosted by a posse of NASTY alley cats who were so dirty and matted that they looked like angry mops with tails charging at us to get off their territory! Umm, NOTED, cats! Never going back there again!!

Mistake #3. Allowing aforementioned great pals to stock the fridge entirely full of too much beer (transported in none other than a suitcase strapped down safely to a truck bed). There is really only space for one or the other when it comes to booze and groceries in there, and at first booze won out. But then we had a housewarming party, and the ratio seemed to more equalize, so there was room to go grocery shopping!

While some may think that the number one mistake in the first place was signing up for an apartment that didn’t come with a fridge already, we felt that our adventures in fridge shopping made us much older and aware of the wisdom of the world and what adult life is really like…

Sure to be more adventures in moving and living coming soon.



Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.28.12

1. Flamingo matches? Why not? Charlotte has a fixation with the animal and when she saw these she loved them.

2. Thursday morning both of us were just dragging and having so much trouble waking up and getting to work. Our wish was that somehow this joke would actually come true, but unfortunately it did not.

3. Some conversations in the last week have led us to remembering that so much of life is about becoming a better person and figuring out what good you can do in the world each day.

4. What could be better than Ellen tweeting textile jokes?

5. Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion”  has sort of become a theme song for all of our friends! It seems like everywhere we go we are singing it, even though a few months ago Morgan had never even heard of Ziggy! Charlotte had to introduce her to this song.

6. These matching sailor stripe outfits remind us of earlier this week. We were headed out, and met up in the living room accidentally wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. Even though Morgan decided to change her look, this photo shows that being twins can be chic and fun!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.3.12

1. How many times can you slip on a brand new pair of shoes and work a 9 hour day on your feet with no resulting blisters or soreness? Not nearly enough! I (Charlotte) have just discovered that Sam Edelman flats are the remedy to the retail working girl woes of footwear. If I had an unlimited shoe budget I’d purchase one of each color!

2. The Helio Sequence are set to release a new album later this fall, and have just revealed it’s first single, “October.” Their last album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, had me wow-ed to the core and it is decisively one of the top 5 albums I would leave planet Earth with. If I ever had to leave planet Earth. With only 5 albums. This single does not reveal much to go off of, but I’m staying tuned for the potential of what is to come.

3. I don’t always see eye to eye with Pitchfork, but this article about Passion Pit is well worth reading. At the heart of it, it reveals why it can be so difficult for artists to share their work in a world that is so bent on projecting their own interpretation and opinion onto the creative ventures of artists which are so often really the deepest outpourings of their soul and therefore so much more than an individual’s interpretation. It reminds us that we not only need to enjoy art for what we see it as, but we must also realize that we can learn so much more about the world around us when we also view it from the lens of its creator.

4. Hence, the inspiration/quote of the week – it sums up the Passion Pit article nicely.

5. Self explanatory.

6. Michael Kors’ reviews on Project Runway are priceless. If you have a tweet of the week you think we need to see, tweet at us – @LeCoeur_DeLaVie.

7. One night, I was headed out for a probably semi date that I really was adamant about NOT wanting to be a date and sort of in denial about this poor boy who wanted it to mean so much more. As I am complaining about how much I’m dreading it, Morgan cuts me off and says that I need to “JUST THROW THE BIRDS OUT THE WINDOW.” Well, what she meant to say was some version of “throw caution to the wind” – to get rid of my expectations and just go with the flow and see if something was there once I did. Though the date was a fail, this phrase is clearly a win, and has become one we toss around quite regularly. Now you know!

8. I woke up to this one in my email inbox from Morgan earlier this week, saying “CHAR this is so us!!” It reminded me of our many college nights spent contemplating whether we REALLY wanted to participate in all of the dorm bonding or group activities or whatever else was happening. We usually opted for movie nights or the sewing lab instead, since those were always free from the immaturity we attempt to avoid.