Piperlime Fall Sale Round-up: Morgan’s Wishlist

Piperlime.com, is my (Morgan’s) favorite online retailer. I purchased my first item from Piperlime.com my sophomore year in high school and the website has only gotten better in the years since. From now until October 20th they are having a great sale, 30% off a selection of fall items. If my shopping budget was endless I would love to purchase so many of the pieces. Since I can’t purchase anything, I created a round-up of my favorite items for you to enjoy! If you have some extra shopping money this month head over to Piperlime.com and check out the sale for yourself!

[Items listed below are listed from left to right and top to bottom]

MICHAEL Michael Kors Persian Leopard Print Dress – Sale Price $99.50 Lucky Brand Stone Set Ring – Sale Price $27.50  Ark & Co. Winter Red Blazer – Sale Price $59.50  Hive & Honey Cowl Poncho – Sale Price $54.50 Ivanka Trump CeCe Flat – Sale Price $99.50 Genetic Denim Shane Faux-Front Cigarette Jean – Sale Price $219.50 Rhyme & Echo Paris Peplum Mini – Sale Price $38.50 Heart Soul Cambria Boot – Sale Price $59.50

Check out Piperlime’s sale for yourself & let us know your fall must-haves!


Sweater Weather

Over the weekend, Morgan and I were out doing a little vintage exploring and thrifting (stay tuned for a full post about our adventures coming soon!) As we were walking around in LA’s 90+ degree heat on what was technically the first day of autumn, I found myself a little sad. In my mind, the first day of fall is supposed to include hot coffee, slouchy sweaters, tall boots, and fireside snuggles. However, I could hardly bear the heat in my sleeveless maxi dress, let alone even think about wearing a sweater. Knitwear is my favorite garment group and I used to and I love nothing more than Seattle winters where I could layer up in knit vests, cardigans, chunky-knit sweaters, sweater dresses, etc. But my Seattle sweaters have been stored away in a back shelf in favor of more weather-appropriate outfits now that I am a SoCal girl. I am also attempting to refrain from purchasing all the lovely knits I see in stores, so instead I have just rounded up some of my favorites across all different categories to blog about. Enjoy!

1. Mango Cashmere and Silk Cardigan – $80   2. Tory Burch Brady Cardigan – $250   3. Crumpet Colour Block Cardi in Black/Cartoon – $230

A button-up cardigan is an essential basic for any wardrobe. Having a few in classic colors are incredibly versatile, ensuring that you always have a layering piece for any outfit you put on. Cardigans in brighter, fashion colors are a great way to dress up your basic t-shirts and tank tops. An item like this is worn so often in so many ways that it is definitely worth its cost per wear.

1. Michael Kors Open Front Cardigan – $121   2. Merona Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Open Cardigan Sweater – $25   3. Honey/Emerald Contrast Knit Cape by MISSONI – $740

Draped open sweaters work well thrown over just about anything, whether it is a dress, leggings, or skinny jeans. When styled well with a good pair of boots they can add instant glamour but in an absolutely easy way. Not to mention they are comfortable and quick on those days where you just do not feel like putting any effort into your outfit.

1. Calypso St. Barth Gloria Pullover Sweater – $179   2. Alexander Wang Merino Cropped Pullover – $450   3. Cotton Blend Sweater with Pocket – $29

Flirty and feminine, a cozy pullover is a great way to carryover your maxi dresses into fall. Layer on top of dresses and skirts, or wear with jeans and heels. Again, knitwear is a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe this fall, and pullovers are no different than cardigans!

What are your thoughts on sweaters and how to wear them? Got any fall favorites in the knitwear category? Please share!

Wednesday Wisdom 9.12.12

√ DO Get outdoors before summer is over and enjoy the end of the summer/beginning of fall events that are occurring this month. For example, classic car shows or the ever popular Lobster Festival both happened in our city this past weekend!  X DO NOT wander around for hours in the sun in a tank top with your messenger bag across your chest. If you feel like you are getting sun burnt on your arms and chest, and are carrying said messenger in one position all day, it would probably be best to put two-and-two together and realize you will end up with a very undesirable tan line. The last few days have required creative outfitting to cover up the white ‘strap’ across my chest (√ DO – chunky necklaces are a great option for anyone out there who may be in the same boat). Also X DO NOT Google image search “bad sun burn” when looking for graphics for your Wednesday Wisdom unless you want to be highly disturbed.

√ DO Decide you should get another job just for a clothing allowance. √ DO Go on random shopping trips with your mom to help her find a new purse & get ice cream out of the deal. √ DO Go shopping at Buffalo Exchange for a little retail therapy & unique affordable items. X DO NOT try on a pair of ill-fitting jeggings that instantly remind you of the quote Michael Kors said on Project Runway the night before: “Something should’ve been in that crotch that a girl doesn’t have.” –Michael. I thought I learned my lesson with the first pair of jeggings I owned, but clearly I didn’t. I think from now on I’m REALLY making a promise to myself to stop trying them on… not matter how good of a deal I find.

X DO NOT ask the woman at the DMV to look into her crystal ball to tell you if you will pass your driver’s test or not. She won’t think this is funny. X DO NOT Tell strangers at the DMV that you are going to have a hot flash FOR REAL. X DO NOT go around dropping your laundry & ‘bending and snapping’ at the laundromat when you a 40 year old are wearing a miniskirt.

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.3.12

1. How many times can you slip on a brand new pair of shoes and work a 9 hour day on your feet with no resulting blisters or soreness? Not nearly enough! I (Charlotte) have just discovered that Sam Edelman flats are the remedy to the retail working girl woes of footwear. If I had an unlimited shoe budget I’d purchase one of each color!

2. The Helio Sequence are set to release a new album later this fall, and have just revealed it’s first single, “October.” Their last album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, had me wow-ed to the core and it is decisively one of the top 5 albums I would leave planet Earth with. If I ever had to leave planet Earth. With only 5 albums. This single does not reveal much to go off of, but I’m staying tuned for the potential of what is to come.

3. I don’t always see eye to eye with Pitchfork, but this article about Passion Pit is well worth reading. At the heart of it, it reveals why it can be so difficult for artists to share their work in a world that is so bent on projecting their own interpretation and opinion onto the creative ventures of artists which are so often really the deepest outpourings of their soul and therefore so much more than an individual’s interpretation. It reminds us that we not only need to enjoy art for what we see it as, but we must also realize that we can learn so much more about the world around us when we also view it from the lens of its creator.

4. Hence, the inspiration/quote of the week – it sums up the Passion Pit article nicely.

5. Self explanatory.

6. Michael Kors’ reviews on Project Runway are priceless. If you have a tweet of the week you think we need to see, tweet at us – @LeCoeur_DeLaVie.

7. One night, I was headed out for a probably semi date that I really was adamant about NOT wanting to be a date and sort of in denial about this poor boy who wanted it to mean so much more. As I am complaining about how much I’m dreading it, Morgan cuts me off and says that I need to “JUST THROW THE BIRDS OUT THE WINDOW.” Well, what she meant to say was some version of “throw caution to the wind” – to get rid of my expectations and just go with the flow and see if something was there once I did. Though the date was a fail, this phrase is clearly a win, and has become one we toss around quite regularly. Now you know!

8. I woke up to this one in my email inbox from Morgan earlier this week, saying “CHAR this is so us!!” It reminded me of our many college nights spent contemplating whether we REALLY wanted to participate in all of the dorm bonding or group activities or whatever else was happening. We usually opted for movie nights or the sewing lab instead, since those were always free from the immaturity we attempt to avoid.