Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.19.12

1. This Alexander McQueen dress is absolutely gorgeous.

2. I’ve decided this is how I’m getting my nails done for the work holiday party this year. I’ve refused to follow the ‘paint your ring finger a different color’ trend because everyone is doing it, but I love this look of the black and gold so much I don’t think I can pass it up.

3. I love the geometry, along with the simplicity yet complexity of the piece, Untitled, by Clara Hastrup for sale over at the Saatchi Online art gallery.

4. I’ve been especially missing my younger brother this week since he’s in Argentina, and right before he left he introduced me to the band Aunt Martha, which I mentioned back in this post. I’ve been putting in my headphones at work this week listening to Aunt Martha Pandora and I found this new favorite song of mine, Moonshine by Grover Anderson.

Have your own favorites of the week? Please share!


Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.6.12

1. Jonathan Fuller wins ‘favorite artist of the week’ today in my book. He collects pieces of seaglass all around the world and creates beautiful sculpted pieces of art by layering the pieces into simple shapes. I absolutely love it and the above piece is my personal favorite from the collection. Browse his website here.

2.  Sometimes I dream of a cozy home with bookshelves that look like this. So many other great home ideas can be found here.

3. This is so true. It took me far too long to figure this one out.

4 Of course we all love The Sartorialist, but today I found a blog of a fashion photographer who is out on the streets of Los Angeles, The Streetgeist. Love the vibe of the blog & love knowing all these fashionable people photographed for the blog are so close to home!

5. Hot pink and black & white chevron are two of my favorite things right now. These nails are rockin’. Check out more nail polish ideas here.

6. Just thinking about all the music we danced the night away to at the wedding we went to on Friday and this e-card made me smirk.

Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please share because we’d love to hear your faves!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.17.12

1. This week, Charlotte has been deciphering the new Yeasayer album. Their previous release, Odd Blood, is an incredibly happy, upbeat, danceable piece of work. However, Fragrant World takes a turn towards an unexpectedly darker sound. The jury is still out on a final review, but if you are only going to listen to one song, “Reagan’s Skeleton” is definitely the one.

2. butterLONDON – hands down the best nail polish (ha ha, hands down…get it?) It glides on smooth and neat – literally like  spreading butter. Also, it dries quickly, and is completely chemical free/non-toxic. The range of fun colors have equally fun names – seen here from the summer line are  “Bossy Boots,” “Knackered,”  “Disco Biscuit,” “Slapper” & “Trout Pout.”

3. On Wednesday Wisdom this week Morgan touched on how sometimes you need to let go of your fears and live in the moment! Thus, this inspirational quote seemed appropriate.

4. Anyone in Seattle looking for a Saturday night plan should check out RAW’s “Radiate” art show. RAW is an independent arts organization that showcases up and coming artists across a variety of disciplines – fashion design, film, photography, music, hair & makeup, modeling, poetry, and more. Local designer Tina at Glamspoon was wonderful enough to comp Charlotte & Morgan tickets but unfortunately neither of us will be in Seattle! If you are and happen to check it out be sure to let us know how it goes.