Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.28.12

1. Flamingo matches? Why not? Charlotte has a fixation with the animal and when she saw these she loved them.

2. Thursday morning both of us were just dragging and having so much trouble waking up and getting to work. Our wish was that somehow this joke would actually come true, but unfortunately it did not.

3. Some conversations in the last week have led us to remembering that so much of life is about becoming a better person and figuring out what good you can do in the world each day.

4. What could be better than Ellen tweeting textile jokes?

5. Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion”  has sort of become a theme song for all of our friends! It seems like everywhere we go we are singing it, even though a few months ago Morgan had never even heard of Ziggy! Charlotte had to introduce her to this song.

6. These matching sailor stripe outfits remind us of earlier this week. We were headed out, and met up in the living room accidentally wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. Even though Morgan decided to change her look, this photo shows that being twins can be chic and fun!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.31.12

1. This very true and endearing quote by Roald Dahl is this week’s quote. Give it a go today! After all, it should be easy on a FRIDAY to be thinking lovely, sunbeam-y thoughts!

2. Today, our good friend Breanne marries the man of her dreams, Andy. We are always inspired by the wonderful love that two people who are really destined to be together share, and couldn’t be happier to be celebrating their special day with them! Cheers and best wishes to the happy couple!

3. Tweets from Harry and Peter Brant never cease to crack us up. We like to think our humor is on par with them, and that Le Coeur De La Vie is sort of the love child of the Brant Brothers and the Man Repeller, only sadly significantly less famous. If you aren’t already following our Twitter account for many of our own personal Tweets of the Week, visit @LeCoeur_DeLaVie.

4. Who knew Goo Gone was such a magical chemical concoction? Recently while moving out of her Seattle house, Charlotte and her housemates discovered a disastrous scenario, which was that some green sticky tack they had used to hang bulletin boards had melted into a congealed gummy sort of mess all over the wall, and was impossible to get off without taking off the paint and/or wall itself…UNTIL GOO GONE! Our featured friend Breanne had the genius idea, having used Goo Gone previously to erase nail polish from carpet. That is a hot tip for sure!

5. Stars is one of Charlotte’s top favorite bands, and in just a few short days they will be releasing their sixth studio album. Charlotte has of course been listening to it nonstop all week. The first half of the album is completely solid, although the track “Do You Want To Die Together?” could be done without, and half of the second half of the album is a bit forgettable. However, it is awfully hard to top the releases they have put out in previous years, and Charlotte would probably love anything the band did. Take a listen if you please!