Wednesday Wisdom 10.17.12

Well, it appears to be Wednesday again. We have taken the time to gather our abundant wisdom (which we suffered strange personal experiences to collect) in order to help you and your week out with what to √DO and X DO NOT in life.

√DO purchase a beginner’s unlimited yoga special so that you can begin using your brand new Manduka mat that your best friend so graciously got for you! X DO NOT be the weird old lady in the back who farts during yoga class. X DO NOT say you are teaching a beginner’s yoga class if you plan on doing moves that involve balancing your whole body on one hand while poking your other limbs out in all different directions. X DO NOT work the front desk of the yoga studio if you are going to act like you have never seen technology in your whole life before. √DO show up to yoga many minutes in advance if this front desk scenario happens to be occurring, because there will be a lineup around the block of people waiting to just sign in for class…

√DO be independent women and go apartment hunting, making the switch from college housing and crashing with parents to real-life rent-paying properties. X DO NOT be mislead by Craigslist properties that seem far too good to be true, and go visit them alone, because they will actually be blatant lies with photoshopped pictures that lead you to ultra Scaryland crime zone where you nearly get shot while waiting for the property manager who never shows up…

X DO NOT laugh in someone’s face when they ask if you are a personal trainer, because though this might be a very funny joke to you, they could actually be quite serious. √DO escape as quickly as possible from this individual, otherwise he might ask you to be his personal calorie counter who accompanies him everywhere. When you politely decline he will then follow you, trying to sit at your table and chat to you all about how hard it was for him to find a hotel room with WiFi, telling you that you are beautiful and sweet, when all you want to do is enjoy a coffee on your break from work in peace!

We KNOW you have seen some √DO and X DO NOT moments, so stop being shy about sharing – we would love to hear your own personal wisdom!


Wednesday Wisdom 9.19.12

√DO step outside your comfort zone and try something you never thought you might, such as Charlotte going line dancing last Thursday night. You’ll realize that as long as you are with people who matter to you, you can have fun doing just about anything, even if you may feel like you look like a fool! X DO NOT mess up perfectly good dance songs such as Michael Jackson by making up this whole stupid step by step spin stomp choreography BS to them. But if you happen to be in an environment where this unfortunately has taken place, X DO NOT try to free style all over the dance floor. Line dancing is SERIOUS BUSINESS and you may get kicked off. X DO NOT sit at the bar where “KAY’S RESERVED SPOT” happens to be. Kay is apparently quite famous on the line dancing scene and despite being about 60 years old and 4 feet tall she is VERY menacing and may just beat you up for ordering a drink all up in her zone.

Charlotte with Morgan’s boyfriend Josh during her first line dancing experience.

XDO NOT neglect your health and wellness unless you want to end up like Charlotte falling down flights of stairs and creating scars by dropping shelves on her shoulder while playing Bob The Builder at work, or be like Morgan tripping over bicycle racks and smashing into things at her job. Clearly we could both use a little more gracefulness and coordination in our day to day lives, hence: √DO consider your health and well being. We spent part of Sunday afternoon chatting about the week ahead and planning out time to play tennis, go to yoga class, go on early morning walks, and participate in Jillian Michaels videos. This makes us feel so much better, mentally just as much as physically, and it is so much easier to conquer the week with less unfortunate accidents.

Let us know if you have any Wednesday Wisdom of your own!