Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.19.12

1. This Alexander McQueen dress is absolutely gorgeous.

2. I’ve decided this is how I’m getting my nails done for the work holiday party this year. I’ve refused to follow the ‘paint your ring finger a different color’ trend because everyone is doing it, but I love this look of the black and gold so much I don’t think I can pass it up.

3. I love the geometry, along with the simplicity yet complexity of the piece, Untitled, by Clara Hastrup for sale over at the Saatchi Online art gallery.

4. I’ve been especially missing my younger brother this week since he’s in Argentina, and right before he left he introduced me to the band Aunt Martha, which I mentioned back in this post. I’ve been putting in my headphones at work this week listening to Aunt Martha Pandora and I found this new favorite song of mine, Moonshine by Grover Anderson.

Have your own favorites of the week? Please share!


Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.5.12

1. These pants from Zara rock. Morgan has a huge thing for pants (Charlotte is more into dresses and skirts) and absolutely loves all the printed skinnies that are out there right now.

2. Don’t let anything keep you down, but instead know that you are strong enough to overcome anything that comes your way. No person, job, or experience should ever stop you from being the person that you want to be.

3. UGallery is selling this piece titled Elated by Christine Soccio and I absolutely love it. The movement and the bright colors are absolutely stunning.

Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.28.12

1. Flamingo matches? Why not? Charlotte has a fixation with the animal and when she saw these she loved them.

2. Thursday morning both of us were just dragging and having so much trouble waking up and getting to work. Our wish was that somehow this joke would actually come true, but unfortunately it did not.

3. Some conversations in the last week have led us to remembering that so much of life is about becoming a better person and figuring out what good you can do in the world each day.

4. What could be better than Ellen tweeting textile jokes?

5. Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion”  has sort of become a theme song for all of our friends! It seems like everywhere we go we are singing it, even though a few months ago Morgan had never even heard of Ziggy! Charlotte had to introduce her to this song.

6. These matching sailor stripe outfits remind us of earlier this week. We were headed out, and met up in the living room accidentally wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. Even though Morgan decided to change her look, this photo shows that being twins can be chic and fun!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.14.12

1. The Artist of the Week this week is the ever-inspiring Robert Rauschenberg, one of the first graphic artists and an early instigator of the pop art movement. His collages like the one pictured above combine an interesting mix of objects (click for a larger view) that keep you guessing about the connections he was making in his head as he created.

2. A photo of Ground Zero in honor of this week’s September 11th memorial.

3. Sometimes the best advice is the most simple.

4. Morgan and I were sitting side by side on our computers blogging earlier in the week when suddenly she gasps that she has found the boots of her dreams. As she turned her computer screen to show me I could not help but to burst out laughing at her joke. Imagining anyone in these boots, apparently a “comfort fit” is just too funny! This is one of those cases where function does NOT outweigh fashion.

5. Wildfox Couture is a favorite label of mine, and so are all their Monday Blues cures.

6. Here’s a view of the Marc Jacobs S/S 2013 Collection. We are loving the black and white geometric trend that many designers are using.

Got any featured favorites of your own that you think we should know about? Leave a comment!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 9.6.12

1. Jonathan Fuller wins ‘favorite artist of the week’ today in my book. He collects pieces of seaglass all around the world and creates beautiful sculpted pieces of art by layering the pieces into simple shapes. I absolutely love it and the above piece is my personal favorite from the collection. Browse his website here.

2.  Sometimes I dream of a cozy home with bookshelves that look like this. So many other great home ideas can be found here.

3. This is so true. It took me far too long to figure this one out.

4 Of course we all love The Sartorialist, but today I found a blog of a fashion photographer who is out on the streets of Los Angeles, The Streetgeist. Love the vibe of the blog & love knowing all these fashionable people photographed for the blog are so close to home!

5. Hot pink and black & white chevron are two of my favorite things right now. These nails are rockin’. Check out more nail polish ideas here.

6. Just thinking about all the music we danced the night away to at the wedding we went to on Friday and this e-card made me smirk.

Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please share because we’d love to hear your faves!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 8.24.12

1. Goodness. Has anyone else had an extremely exhausting week? We sure have. Beside that, the two of us could sleep all the time, and there are many days lately where we think about being in bed a lot throughout the day, and cherish any moment when we get some time to rest!

2. Someone found Le Coeur De La Vie by typing ‘Camel Toe’ into Google and Charlotte immediately shared it with me. I felt like a proud parent – we write about such important topics…. including camel toes. I also LOLed at work when I read this text, which is always awkward.

3. Every morning I want to put on a cute, covered up, layered outfit… but it’s still summer (and so stinkin’ hot)! So, even though its 90+ degrees outside, I’m stuck on looking for fall & winter fashion inspiration. I’m ready to ditch the tank tops I’m wearing everyday, and cover up in these cozy outfits for later in the year. I LOVE the pop of the wedges against the solid black ensemble!

4. LET IT BE. Sometimes this can be the biggest inspiration we need. I sure needed to remind myself of that many times this week.

Click here if you missed last week’s FFF!

Do you have any Friday’s Featured Favorites of your own to share with us? Please do!

Friday’s Featured Favorites 7.27.12

1. Check out Super Powered by Caroline Tell, an article about photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and the documentary that he has created about the original Supermodels. It is an interesting read that shows the evolution of modeling and magazines over the ages, and the evolution of media. The documentary premieres on HBO July 30th.

2. When taking a late night run for frozen yogurt, Morgan’s brother introduced her to the band Aunt Martha. The tone & vibe of their albums was a perfect fit for life this week.

3. In case you missed our #WednesdayWisdom this week, here’s another word of advice from Charlotte. Scroll down to the previous post for more!

4. This quote has meaning in both of our lives right now… use this as inspiration in your own life as well.

5. Interesting thought process to share on twitter… we’d love to know more about this ‘lifestyle’! Follow us on twitter @lecoeur_delavie

6. We approach most things in life like this. If all else fails, you’ll have a great story.

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