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Both of us have a passion for traveling. There is something about the freedom, adventure, unknown, and culture that makes traveling so invigorating and exciting for the two of us. But, not only do I, Morgan, love travel, but ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with maps. I’ve always loved being the ‘navigator’ on car trips or sitting down to look at the atlas for a while when I was a child. There was also the game we would play where we’d spin the globe around as fast as we could and wherever our finger was when the globe stopped spinning was where we’d ‘travel’ next.

In wondering what we could do to cover up some of our bare white apartment walls, my first thought was MAPS! Though we have yet to put any maps up on the walls yet, here is some inspiration we are using to pull from!

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Gosh. I could post photos of map decor all day…and during my search I actually purchased something for our house…


CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE! One of our big, blank, white walls could really use it!!!


Back in Action

Hello to our followers and fans!

We have not forgotten you – that is a promise!

Rather, the past two or three weeks for both Char and Morg have been excruciatingly hectic. We are both in what is some of the busiest time of the year at our respective jobs, and we also just moved which is always so exhausting and time consuming. However, now that the new place is (somewhat) settled and we (finally) have wireless internet in it, please expect new and exciting posts as we resume our blogging gradually over the next few days into week or so.

As we ease back into it, we thought we would share with you a few laughs from our adventures in moving. Most notable was the purchase of a refrigerator.

Sometimes, being an adult is not so stylish. When really we would love to be purchasing jeans and jackets and shoes, we must make the choice to be grown ups and instead spend our hard-earned dollars on a fridge. Doesn’t that feel so adult? Buying large home appliances? Urghhh. We thought so too.

Anyway, we adventured off to the Sears outlet store to find a cosmetically damaged but functioning fridge. Along the way we encountered some mistakes, so we wanted to share for other prospective fridge owners. Do not be vulnerable to the same errors we encountered! You have been warned!

Mistake #1 was forgetting a measuring tape. If you haven’t already read the re-telling of this tale on our Wednesday Wisdom, here it is again:

“Can this one fit in that nook?” asked Morgan?

“I do not know, but I can find out,” replied Charlotte, who then proceeded to hug the fridge, approximating in her head that she could hug just about as much space in the kitchen, and therefore the fridge would fit.

While Morgan thought this was a very strange and embarrassing thing to do, Charlotte figured it could have been much worse. For example, she did not check to see if the refrigerator had a heartbeat like this other redhead did.

Moving onto Mistake #2. Our great pals Josh and Garrett came to pick up the fridge from the around the back pick-up area of Sears. They are so capable and wonderful that we really should have just left them to it. However, we decided to just pop around the back to investigate that everything was going along nicely. You know, that the fridge still had a beating heart and had not gone jumping out of the truck or dropped off a forklift or anything. What we unsuspectingly ran into was a RABID SKUNK LAIR. While screaming and freaking out about this sighting, we were then accosted by a posse of NASTY alley cats who were so dirty and matted that they looked like angry mops with tails charging at us to get off their territory! Umm, NOTED, cats! Never going back there again!!

Mistake #3. Allowing aforementioned great pals to stock the fridge entirely full of too much beer (transported in none other than a suitcase strapped down safely to a truck bed). There is really only space for one or the other when it comes to booze and groceries in there, and at first booze won out. But then we had a housewarming party, and the ratio seemed to more equalize, so there was room to go grocery shopping!

While some may think that the number one mistake in the first place was signing up for an apartment that didn’t come with a fridge already, we felt that our adventures in fridge shopping made us much older and aware of the wisdom of the world and what adult life is really like…

Sure to be more adventures in moving and living coming soon.


Wednesday Wisdom 10.24.12

Another Wednesday is here already but we are all heading over the hump & are one step closer to the weekend. Enjoy our Wednesday Wisdom this week that gives you a little insight into our move to a new apartment this week!

√ DO become grown-ups and become fridge owners together. Our apartment didn’t come with a fridge, so we went out shopping to get ourselves one. When the boys were loading up the fridge in the truck in the back of the store, the two of us decided to drive around back to check out what they were doing. X DO NOT go into uncharted territories behind retail stores unless you want your car to be swarmed by alley cats and a skunk. Yuckkkkkkkk. X DO NOT try Charlotte’s refrigerator measuring technique. As we were shopping I looked over and Charlotte, in the middle of the store, is hugging (yes, I said hugging) a refrigerator. When I asked her what she was doing her response was “I’m hugging the fridge and then determining if I could hug the empty space in our kitchen the same way.” I then proceeded to ask an employee for a measuring tape…

 DO make priority lists when shopping for a new place. We’ve realized that we can’t afford our dream home and our apartment isn’t going to look like it belongs on, but that’s okay. Five major priorities were (1) refrigerator (2) beds (3) couch (4) microwave (5) wine glasses. We’ve purchased all of those things, so we’re set at least for the time being!  DO have great friends who are willing to sacrifice their weekend & evenings to drive all over with a truck and move large heavy items  DO have pizza & beer at the end of the each night as a reward.

X DO NOT leave your purse at Chipotle and your phone at In N Out in the same day.

Have any wisdom for us today? Any Do’s or Don’ts you are experiencing?!

Interior Decor Design Styles

Morgan and I just signed a lease on a new apartment! We could not be more excited about the place and are getting an incredible value for our money. There is more than enough space for the two of us, and many charming features such as an angular living room, a fire place, and a walk in closet!

However, the apartment is currently all one color – carpet and walls and all. If you have been following along with us you no doubt realize that we both love loud patterns and prints and bold colors! So, we have started thinking about how to decorate and furnish our place. While we browse around in stores and on Pinterest for ideas and are always finding things we like, it takes a little bit of work to make it all cohesive. With decor, there are so many different directions to go with! It sort of feels necessary to pick a direction or a theme, but we just can’t decide which way to go. We were jokingly wishing we had a mansion so we could dedicate each room to a different style! While we are dreaming here, below are some images of different themes or aesthetics that we are inspired by.

Cozy Warmth: The above look is a very cozy, warm feeling room. Yellow obviously is as warm as you can go in terms of a color palate. Chunky knit throws are physically warm and add instant coziness to a bed or couch. The plants and mix of patterns also create a homey, warm feel to it. A touch of whimsy with the wall hangings finishes it off beautifully.

Minimalistic Monochrome: Minimalism has been a buzz word in creative industries for quite a while now. This aesthetic definitely has its advantages. When working without color, you don’t have to worry much about all your different pieces flowing together and matching. Obviously minimalism can be a very budget oriented way to go. It makes a room feel pure and clean, like a sanctuary.

Rustic Refurbishment: Like minimalism, a rustic, refurbished vibe can also be cost effective. If you have a good flair for garage sale furniture and DIY projects, you can easily make very little into unique statement pieces. Think straight off the floor set at Anthropologie.

Retro: Between the color palate, the large graphic nature of the prints, walls, and textiles, as well as the silhouettes of the furniture, everything about this room just screams retro. This one is probably the most difficult to pull off without feeling too forced or as if it has gone overboard. An entire retro-themed household would be too much. However, when done right and in small amounts it creates a definite wow-factor for a room.

Modern: The opposite of Retro would of course be Modern! Uptown luxe and sophistication prevail in this living area set. It is the geometry, the lack of height, and the abundance of glass that help get the look in this case.

What is your design aesthetic? Which of the photos do you feel like fits you best and why?

Friday’s Featured Favorites 10.19.12

1. This Alexander McQueen dress is absolutely gorgeous.

2. I’ve decided this is how I’m getting my nails done for the work holiday party this year. I’ve refused to follow the ‘paint your ring finger a different color’ trend because everyone is doing it, but I love this look of the black and gold so much I don’t think I can pass it up.

3. I love the geometry, along with the simplicity yet complexity of the piece, Untitled, by Clara Hastrup for sale over at the Saatchi Online art gallery.

4. I’ve been especially missing my younger brother this week since he’s in Argentina, and right before he left he introduced me to the band Aunt Martha, which I mentioned back in this post. I’ve been putting in my headphones at work this week listening to Aunt Martha Pandora and I found this new favorite song of mine, Moonshine by Grover Anderson.

Have your own favorites of the week? Please share!

Wednesday Wisdom 10.17.12

Well, it appears to be Wednesday again. We have taken the time to gather our abundant wisdom (which we suffered strange personal experiences to collect) in order to help you and your week out with what to √DO and X DO NOT in life.

√DO purchase a beginner’s unlimited yoga special so that you can begin using your brand new Manduka mat that your best friend so graciously got for you! X DO NOT be the weird old lady in the back who farts during yoga class. X DO NOT say you are teaching a beginner’s yoga class if you plan on doing moves that involve balancing your whole body on one hand while poking your other limbs out in all different directions. X DO NOT work the front desk of the yoga studio if you are going to act like you have never seen technology in your whole life before. √DO show up to yoga many minutes in advance if this front desk scenario happens to be occurring, because there will be a lineup around the block of people waiting to just sign in for class…

√DO be independent women and go apartment hunting, making the switch from college housing and crashing with parents to real-life rent-paying properties. X DO NOT be mislead by Craigslist properties that seem far too good to be true, and go visit them alone, because they will actually be blatant lies with photoshopped pictures that lead you to ultra Scaryland crime zone where you nearly get shot while waiting for the property manager who never shows up…

X DO NOT laugh in someone’s face when they ask if you are a personal trainer, because though this might be a very funny joke to you, they could actually be quite serious. √DO escape as quickly as possible from this individual, otherwise he might ask you to be his personal calorie counter who accompanies him everywhere. When you politely decline he will then follow you, trying to sit at your table and chat to you all about how hard it was for him to find a hotel room with WiFi, telling you that you are beautiful and sweet, when all you want to do is enjoy a coffee on your break from work in peace!

We KNOW you have seen some √DO and X DO NOT moments, so stop being shy about sharing – we would love to hear your own personal wisdom!

Piperlime Fall Sale Round-up: Charlotte’s Wishlist

After Morgan’s post yesterday about her Piperlime Fall Sale Round-up Wishlist I of course had to check out the sale myself and designate some top picks of my own! Piperlime is an online retail favorite of mine as well, closely related to HauteLook and ModCloth, and, when I’m pretending I have an unlimited budget, Net-A-Porter. The pieces below really sum up my signature style – cozy sweaters for fall, exciting prints, flowing blouses, minimalistic statement jewelry pieces, and flats that are comfy for being on my feet all day in!

Dex Jacquard Open Front Sweater – Sale Price  $70.50   Hive and Honey Layered Wire Cuff – Sale Price $14.99   Tina Turk Jacquard Slim Leg Monie Pant – Sale Price $221.50   Theory Chablis Skirt – Sale Price $151.50   Flight of Fancy Blouse – Sale Price $46.50   See by Chloe East Village Flat – Sale Price $169.99

Piperlime Fall Sale Round-up: Morgan’s Wishlist, is my (Morgan’s) favorite online retailer. I purchased my first item from my sophomore year in high school and the website has only gotten better in the years since. From now until October 20th they are having a great sale, 30% off a selection of fall items. If my shopping budget was endless I would love to purchase so many of the pieces. Since I can’t purchase anything, I created a round-up of my favorite items for you to enjoy! If you have some extra shopping money this month head over to and check out the sale for yourself!

[Items listed below are listed from left to right and top to bottom]

MICHAEL Michael Kors Persian Leopard Print Dress – Sale Price $99.50 Lucky Brand Stone Set Ring – Sale Price $27.50  Ark & Co. Winter Red Blazer – Sale Price $59.50  Hive & Honey Cowl Poncho – Sale Price $54.50 Ivanka Trump CeCe Flat – Sale Price $99.50 Genetic Denim Shane Faux-Front Cigarette Jean – Sale Price $219.50 Rhyme & Echo Paris Peplum Mini – Sale Price $38.50 Heart Soul Cambria Boot – Sale Price $59.50

Check out Piperlime’s sale for yourself & let us know your fall must-haves!